5 Sites to Find Anything Shown in Movies and TV Shows
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Movies and TV shows have a big impact on what we like. Back to the Future single-handedly turned the DeLorean into a collectible car. Scrubs made musician Colin Hay into a household name. And haven’t you always wanted to have what Meg Ryan was having in that scene in When Harry Met Sally?

If you saw something in a movie or a TV show, there’s a good chance you’ll find it on one of these sites. Sure, some of it is sponsored product placement, like Apple’s efforts to make you buy its gadgets How Apple Owns Hollywood, and Makes You Buy Its Products How Apple Owns Hollywood, and Makes You Buy Its Products It seems that any film -- no matter what genre -- features an Apple product. In fact, Apple products constantly pop up in Hollywood movies. As we're about to explore. Read More . But so what? As long as it’s actually cool, let’s find out what that thing is.

1. Food: Binging With Babish

Andrew Rea loves cooking. He also loves movies and TV shows. So, Rea started a YouTube channel where he recreates famous dishes from what he watches. And as the proverbial cherry on top, he named it Binging With Babish, after The West Wing‘s character Oliver Babish.

Rea is brilliant at recreating the recipes. He pays attention to the description of these fictional items, like Eggs Wodehouse from Archer or Homer Simpson’s Moon Waffles. And then he sets about making it in his kitchen, with top-notch video production. Don’t watch this one on an empty stomach.

Binging With Babish is not particularly helpful to help you learn how to cook. For that, seek out YouTube channels where professional chefs share their secrets 6 YouTube Cooking Channels Where Professional Chefs Share Their Secrets 6 YouTube Cooking Channels Where Professional Chefs Share Their Secrets Interested in sharpening your kitchen skills? It's the pro chefs you should listen to. You'd be surprised to know that some of the best in the business run channels on YouTube. Read More . This one is all about food porn, mixed with a love for movies and shows.

2. Clothes: FilmGarb and Worn On TV

Would you like a pair of the iconic sunglasses worn by all the characters in The Matrix? Or maybe you want to look as hot as the cast of Suits. Actors have wardrobe specialists to dress them up, so if you want to imitate their style, head to one of these two sites.

films tv shows filmgarb

Both FilmGarb and Worn On TV have been around for some time now. While FilmGarb covers both movies and TV shows, Worn On TV is all about the idiot box.

Of the two, Worn On TV is a bit better to browse. You can select the show you want, and even the characters from the show. That will give you a list of photos, and one click will take you to buy it. It’s a fantastic fashion and style app to find the right outfit 5 Women's Fashion and Style Apps to Find the Right Outfit 5 Women's Fashion and Style Apps to Find the Right Outfit Finding the right dress can be a world of pain. Here are some of the foolproof women-centric apps to find the right outfit. Read More .

FilmGarb is not that great to browse, but its search function makes up for it. If something from a movie caught your eye, chances are that FilmGarb will tell you the product and where to get it.

3. Music: What-Song and TuneFind

Songs and background scores are essential to building the mood in a scene. If you aren’t quick enough to Shazam that song to identify it Which Music Identification App Is King? Which Music Identification App Is King? Music identification apps make it easy to find out which song is playing at any given time, but which service is best? We put Shazam, SoundHound, and MusicID head-to-head to find out. Read More , then What-Song and TuneFind will solve your problem.

What-Song is the newer of the two, and is all about streaming songs featured in movies and TV shows. In my limited test, its catalog wasn’t that impressive, but hey, if you find what you want, you can listen to the song right there.

films tv shows what-song

TuneFind is a far more comprehensive database, covering almost any movie or TV show you can think of. It has also been around for a long time, and has an active community of users. In fact, it has yet to fail me in a search. In fact, TuneFind’s “Trending Music” can be a new way to find music without being overwhelmed 5 Ways to Discover New Music Without Being Overwhelmed 5 Ways to Discover New Music Without Being Overwhelmed How do you discover new music? These five easy tools will help you find new songs and fresh albums without feeling overwhelmed. Read More .

4. Cars: IMCDB

Movies and TV shows have immortalized some cars in our memory, like the Gran Torino from Starsky and Hutch or James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5. But what about the lesser-known cars?

films tv shows cars imcdb

Tom Hardy spent the whole of the movie Locke driving a car, but what car was it? What was Mr. Wolf driving in Pulp Fiction? And sometimes, you see a car in the background or a small scene, like the one Keanu Reeves commandeers in Speed. IMCDB can answer any car question from any film.

IMCDB’s is perfect for any gearhead The 12 Best YouTube Channels for Car Nuts The 12 Best YouTube Channels for Car Nuts YouTube is brimming with excellent and informative automotive channels. Here are the best YouTube channels for car nuts. Read More out there. The community scours every frame of a movie to find which vehicles are in it. And then it’s all listed on the site. Search for the movie, and you’ll see snapshots of every point where a new car makes its first appearance.

5. Places: Movie Locations

We know that the hills are alive with the sound of music, but which hills in Austria were these? Wait, was the film really shot in Austria? For all that and more, visit Movie Locations.

films tv shows movie locations

The site is a treasure trove of information about famous places from famous movies. If you’re a frequent traveler, then this is a great resource to travel like the stars did Travel Like the Stars: 5 Famous Film Routes for Your Next Trip Travel Like the Stars: 5 Famous Film Routes for Your Next Trip Hollywood is no stranger to travel films. From road trips in America to globe-trotting excursions. If you're planning to travel soon, you can recreate the journey of one of your favorite stars. Read More . All the locations are pinned on Google Maps, so you get precise directions too.

Unfortunately, no one has updated Movie Locations since 2015, so you won’t find any new films on it. But if the film you’re looking for is before 2015, then this large repository will likely point out the exact place.

Your Favorite Fictional Food?

Watching Binging With Babish is a treat for anyone who loves films and foods just as much. I’ve always wondered what the Big Kahuna Burger from Pulp Fiction was like, and to see it happening on screen was a delight. And I must have it!

Which fictional food do you want to eat?

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