5 Sites for Cute Pet & Animal Pictures, GIFs, and Videos You Didn’t Know

Mihir Patkar 29-05-2018

Your social media timelines are probably filled with photos and videos of pets and even cute wild animals doing silly things. But if that’s all you see, then you’re missing a whole chunk of the internet’s adorable animals.


No doubt, you already know some of the popular sites for this as well as famous pets on the web 3 Insanely Cute Pets That Are Famous on the Web People are usually the ones turning into memes, but they aren't the only ones. How many of these famous Internet pets do you know? Read More . But there are a few that aren’t known so well, which are just as good or even better than the items that pop up on your walls.

Cutest Paw: A Pinterest-like Board of Cuteness

5 Sites for Cute Pet & Animal Pictures, GIFs, and Videos You Didn't Know cute animals cutestpaw

Cutest Paw keeps it simple. You go there, you look at all the pictures of adorable cats, dogs, and other animals, and you close the tab when you’ve had your fill.

The best use of the site is to use the Random button. Cutest Paw will serve one picture at a time, without any filters for the type of animal you’ll see. The only guarantee is cuteness. Be warned, it is mostly filled with hamsters.

Click “Explore” to look at all the images in chronological order. You can filter them by the type of animal too. You can also view collections curated by Cutest Paw, like animals wearing hats or children and animals who are friends.


If you like the site, create an account on it. You’ll be able to bookmark some photos to revisit them later. But if you’re a Pinterest user The Unofficial Pinterest Guide This Pinterest guide will quickly show you how to use Pinterest and all of its features. This guide outlines everything there is to know about Pinterest. Read More , then follow Cutest Paw’s Pinterest profile and manage your collections there.

r/AnimalTextGifs: If Non-Humans Could Talk…

Animals have a unique way of expressing themselves, but what if you could understand what they’re saying? Get a taste of it in Reddit’s r/AnimalTextGifs community, where animal GIFs are superimposed with hilarious dialogues.

To be fair, the GIFs here go for funny rather than accuracy, but hey, how would it be cute without that? The endless stream of banter between dogs, cats, birds, and even wildlife is some of the most entertaining action on the internet right now. Don’t forget to filter the subreddit to see the top posts of all time.

You can also request any GIF you have found or made to be turned into one of these. If you want to get in on the action, try Giphy Create or one of the other sites and apps to edit GIFs 5+ Best Sites & Apps to Find, Create, or Edit the Perfect GIF From hilarious memes to screencasts, GIFs are everywhere. But where do you find the perfect GIF? How do you make one yourself? With the few perfect sites and tools, you'll be set. Read More .

Cuteness Overload: Curated Animals From Reddit’s r/aww

5 Sites for Cute Pet & Animal Pictures, GIFs, and Videos You Didn't Know cute animals cuteness overload

Those who aren’t on Reddit need not miss out on the abundance of cute animal pictures there. The r/aww subreddit hosts all kinds of pictures, so Cuteness Overload curates them to find the best ones.

That means you skip all the pictures of humans or other things, and focus solely on our furry friends. If you’re pickier, you can even filter Cuteness Overload to only show dogs or purrfect photos of cats 8 Purrfect Cat Websites For Feline Lovers Cats are everywhere online… as photos shared by friends on social networking sites, as cute pics on Reddit, on any of the cat-centric Tumblr sites, and even here on MakeUseOf. Oh, and then there’s Nyan... Read More . It isn’t overwhelming like browsing through r/aww’s constantly updated collection, not all of which is frankly that cute.

While most of the images are sourced from Reddit, there are some original submissions too, along with photos from other sources. In case you fall in love with Cuteness Overload, do us all a favor and submit your pet’s picture to it.

ZooBorns: For Baby Animals, Insects, Birds, and Marine Life

Most of the sites from the first time we looked at the cutest sites on the internet The 6 Cutest Sites with Silly Pet Pics and LOL Pets Read More are now dead. The best one surviving is dedicated to birth; specifically, animals in zoos who have recently been born.

Around the world, zoos and aquariums track and record any birthing events in their facilities. Most of these are well documented, and the photographs and videos are shared. ZooBorns is one place to view all of them. From a baby rhino to a new penguin, you’ll find cute pictures along with plenty of information to make it educational for kids.

The categories on the right let you sort by the animal or the zoo / aquarium. There’s a quick search function too, and you can even follow ZooBorns on social media to get all the new updates.

Open Puppies: Endless Puppy GIFs, Just Press Space

Olivia Cheng loves dogs GIFs, so she created a website with an endless stream of them. Go to Open Puppies and the first GIF will start playing automatically.

It’s set to repeat on an endless loop, so watch it as long as you want to. Once you’re done, press the spacebar to go to the next GIF. I don’t know how many puppy GIFs there are, but Olivia has done an excellent job of stocking the site, as I counted at least 50 while “researching” this article. The only issue is that once you press the spacebar, there’s no way to go back to a GIF you liked.

Of course, this isn’t the only source for dog lovers to get their dose of cuteness. We’ve recently collected five of the best places for puppy photos and videos For the Love of Dog: 5 Best Places for Cute Puppy Photos and Videos If a puppy's antics or an old boy's silliness can put a smile on your face, then head to any of these places for a pick-me-up. Read More .

Look at Real Animals, Live

These sites offer handpicked moments from the daily lives of our furry friends. But they miss so many of the small moments that are just as wonderful to watch. If you have a favorite animal, chances are someone is livestreaming their moves. Here’s where you can watch real-life animals in real time Where to Live Stream Wild and Cute Animals in Real-Time Stuck indoors and need a pick-me-up? Here are the best live streams that offer real-time footage of adorable animals. Read More .

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