“Best Of” List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists

Mihir Patkar 24-01-2017

I love “best of” lists. If it’s a topic I don’t know about, the lists serve as a way to get into that subject. For example, a list of the best EDM songs globally would be a nice way to understand that music. But the real fun is when you know the list’s subject matter.


There’s something about any sort of ranked list that is inherently challenging. You have an opinion about the list-maker, your competitive streak claiming you could make a better list. You also have a desire to go through the list and see how many things you can tick off.

If there is one thing the internet does not lack, it is opinions. Here are some of the best list-based sites, whether made by experts or amateurs, and even a couple of list-making apps.

1. Movie Mogul (Web): Movie Lists for Everyone

Naturally, the first list everyone wants to compare is about movies. For a lot of people, IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes are the guides to the best and worst movies of all time 8 Online Guides To The Best And Worst Movies Of All Time Read More . But there are several other ways to form these lists. And Movie Mogul seems to have explored every one of those ways.

"Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists lists challenges movie mogul

So it might be the best movies of 2016 or the list of the 88 Best Picture winners at the Oscars. Some lists are specific, like films directed by the Coen brothers, or the best biographical flicks in history. And there are even popular choices like the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes lists.


Just click one list and start ticking the movies you’ve already seen. Share the list with friends and maybe you can watch some films together.

2. The Greatest Books (Web): How Many Have You Read?

There are plenty of ways to read a book in 2016 What's the Best Way to Read Books in 2016? Reading is still a popular pastime -- people are just using a wider range of devices than ever before. So, with that in mind, let's look at the best way to read books in 2016! Read More , with each style having its own set of followers. But this is one discussion where the content trumps the delivery system. What you’re reading matters a lot more than how you are reading it.

"Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists lists challenges the greatest books

The Greatest Books uses its own algorithm to find the 100 best books in fiction and non-fiction, listing them with a short description. Go through the list and start reading them. You can download either list as a CSV file too.

Apart from these lists, the site also points you towards non-algorithm lists, like authors choosing their top 10 books or The Observer’s list of the 100 best books ever. You’ll have various ways to find new books to read The Ultimate 50 Ways to Find New Books to Read There are some books which we don't want to put down. Thanks to the many tools available today, your next reading adventure can begin instantly. Find what you should read next with this guide. Read More at this site.

3. Ranker (Web): What People Say

Forget the experts and the “official” lists for a minute. Let’s talk about what regular people have to say about lists. Ranker is a platform for anyone to create a list, and then others vote on it. And over time, it has built up a large database of crowd-sourced lists.

"Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists list challenges ranker

The lists break into categories like music, sports, movies, books, and many more. Find a section you like and start browsing. Plus, you can “rerank” any list by voting on its items, pushing them up or down the ranks.

Take a moment to sign up at Ranker because you’ll love the results. Not only does this let you make your own lists, but it also personalizes the rankings. You will find the “overall” rankings, as well as the rankings by people in the same age group, gender, and region.

The bottom line is, Ranker lets you make lists, but the actual ranking can change. You don’t get to make a permanently ranked list here. For that, you’ll need List Challenges.

4. List Challenges (Web): Mark or Make

List Challenges has a simple purpose. Find a list you like and start checking it off, or create your own list that you share with others so they can check off items.

"Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists list challenges listchallenges food

The nice part is that List Challenges is one of those excellent no-signup sites for everyday use 15 Excellent No-Sign Up Websites for Everyday Use Do you like websites which have no sign-ups, no registerations, and no downloads? Then, you will like these hassle free web apps and sites which make daily productivity a lot easier. Read More . So you can start making your list in seconds, adding the items, a description, some images, and publishing it. Then just share the list’s link with friends.

List Challenges restricts itself to movies, books, travel, and food as the four large categories. You’re free to make a list with anything else and file it under “Other”, but as far as browsing others’ lists go, those four categories are your best bet.

5. Vulture’s Best Of 2016 (Web): Master List of Year-End Lists

A lot of things happened in 2016 and it’s possible you may have missed out on some of it. Most institutions and writers come up with year-end lists, looking back at the best of the previous year. Vulture magazine rounded up the most prestigious of these to create a master list of year-end lists.

"Best Of" List Challenges: 5 Sites to Tick or Create Pre-Made Lists lists challenges vulture master

The master list covers a wide array of topics such as music, movies, books, TV shows, automobiles, jobs, comics, video games, podcasts, art, theater, advertising, journalism, fashion, beauty, architecture, memes, business, comedy, colleges/universities, food, apps, gadgets, social media, travel, and celebrity. Each topic has several lists in that category, such as Forbes’ best American colleges or Cosmopolitan’s most lit beauty moments of 2016. There’s something for everyone here, so find a list that speaks to you.

It isn’t a formatted list for you to check off, unfortunately. So you’ll have to go the manual way with this one. Choose a list app like Todoist, Any.Do, or Wunderlist To-Do List App Showdown: vs Todoist vs Wunderlist Some to-do list apps stand head and shoulders above the rest. But how do they compare and which one is best for you? We'll help you find out. Read More and add the items from a list to it.

Let’s Make a Geeky List!

All right folks, considering you’re here at Make Use Of, I’m going to assume there’s a geek in you.

Let’s bring that nerd out by making a list of your top 10 geek movies and TV shows of 2016. Post your list in the comments!

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