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Israel Nicolas 20-11-2010

If you are used to working with a desktop, you are probably familiar with desktop icons, docks, or launchers. On the other hand, we are more used to typing URLs in browsers to get to a website. But if you want to bring the elegance of launchers to your browser, then you should check out SiteLauncher. This extension for Google Chrome allows you to organize your favorite websites seamlessly.


Like any good Chrome extension, Sitelauncher sits on your Chrome’s address bar in a non-obtrusive manner. Press CTRL + Space to open the launcher, and then click an icon or press a shortcut to open a website. Adding shortcuts is easy as opening the launcher and clicking “Shortcut Current Page”. You can also add shortcuts to open websites without going through the SiteLauncher panel. For example, pressing Ctrl + Space + F will send you to Facebook.

site launcher for chrome

You can add and edit websites within SiteLauncher’s control panel. While you get default groups like Contact & Social, News, and Places, you can easily edit and add new groups as well as add new website within groups.

site launcher for chrome

This app really shines when you start to use it regularly. Unlike Chrome’s bookmark bar, you do not have to leave it open all the time – perfect for users with small screens. In addition, I find myself typing Ctrl + Space since I am a big fan of Launchy How To Be More Productive with Launchy Program Launcher Read More .


SiteLauncher is very nifty tool for people who work with browsers a lot and want to bring the “Launchy” experience to Chrome.


  • Create keyboard shortcuts to websites you visit often
  • Press Ctrl + Space to open launcher
  • Syncs with your Google Chrome Bookmarks
  • Arrange and group shortcuts
  • Includes several built-in themes

Check out SiteLauncher for Google Chrome @

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  1. Qwertz
    November 26, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    Nice one! A couple of shortcomings: 1. limited entries in each folder - once you reach 6 it starts another column 2. DO NOT change the name "SiteLauncher" as it automatically detects this and re-installs the original set of Bookmarks. Also would be nice to change the shape of the opened window.

    • A41202813GMAIL
      January 5, 2018 at 6:04 am

      A - New Version Installs Automatically,

      B - Background Color Is Affected And Some "RansomWare" Is Demanded So You Can Go Back To Your Previous Setting.