This Site Shows You Both Sides of Major Controversial Issues

Joel Lee 06-03-2017

It’s hard to imagine a time more polarized and divided than today. The latest U.S. presidential election showed how the “Us vs. Them” mentality is not only alive and kicking but deeply ingrained in all kinds of issues, whether those issues are political or not.


We’ve lost empathy and critical thinking. We no longer try to understand things from the perspectives of others. Instead, we’re quick to demonize dissenters. We don’t want thoughtful discourse. We want to be right and we want everyone else to agree.

But that’s not how life works. Most issues are complex, so much so that black-and-white answers are often disingenuous at best and outright harmful at worst, which is why ProCon is such an important website for us today.

This Site Shows You Both Sides of Major Controversial Issues procon argument debate both sides

ProCon is a nonprofit movement that aims to promote critical thinking and education using a pro-con format that’s as nonpartisan as can be. As of this writing, the site covers 55 controversial topics like gun control, medical marijuana, illegal immigration, minimum wage, and abortion.

Each topic contains an introductory section, then leads into a series of side-by-side pros and cons that are heavily researched. All claims and arguments are cited so you can follow through and do more digging on your own if you wish.


It’s a wonderful way to stay informed on hot issues. You may even find that this site changes your stance on several issues important to you. If there’s a topic you wish to see debated, you can suggest one here.


When was the last time you researched both sides of an issue? What issue was it? Are there any other sites like this one?

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  1. Howard A Pearce
    March 6, 2017 at 1:19 pm

    Notice how both arguments presented on the minimum wage ONLY concern practical ones.
    NOT moral ones. Moral arguments are seldom made from politicians anyway - at least when it comes to our civil rights.

    State-mandated minimum wage rules for business associations
    State-mandated opposite sex rules for marriage association

    The 2nd is supported by rednecks
    The 1st is supported by bluenecks

    freedom of association for ALL associations - including business is a civil right.