This Site Shows How Long It Takes to Beat Any Video Game
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Have you ever wanted to know how long a video game is before starting it? Unlike movies which have a set running time, it could take different people varying amounts of time to get through a game.

Depending on how you value games, paying full-price for a game you can play for dozens of hours could be worth it. On the other hand, you’ll find many small games only costing a few dollars that you can play through in a few hours.

Before you buy a game, you should check out the website How Long to Beat. Using the search option at the top of the site, enter a game you’re interested in playing to get some information on it. You’ll see a short description of the game, along with four types of play to gauge the total time by:

This Site Shows How Long It Takes to Beat Any Video Game How Long to Beat 670x443

  • Main Story — Doing the bare minimum. This is for players who only complete necessary objectives, see the credits, and quit playing.
  • Main + Extras — Includes doing some sidequests. This play style takes time to explore the world and completes optional objectives. However, they don’t obsess over every little detail.
  • Completionist — This is for players who want to do everything. The time here reflects how long it will take you to accomplish everything this game has to offer.
  • All Styles — This is a blend of the other three play styles, averaging them to create a balanced estimate. If you’re not sure whether you’ll do the basics or complete everything, use this one.

Each of these four blocks shows a color as well. Pay attention to these: they show how reliable the numbers are. Blue is the most reliable time, while red is the least reliable. As more players submit times, the colors change towards blue, so feel free to hit the Submit Your Time button!

Now you’ll have a heads-up before you add a super-long game to your backlog or spend too much money on a short experience. If you’re not sure what game to buy next, why not start with our list of the best platformers?

Which games did you look up, and how long do they take to beat? We’d love to know what you’re playing in the comments!

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