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SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard Tracks Athlete Head Impacts

Dave LeClair 10-01-2019

When you think about smart gadgets, you probably don’t imagine a mouthguard. Akervall, however, aims to change that with the introduction of its SISU Sense device.


Like any mouthguard, it’s designed to protect the athlete from impacts, but that’s about the only place it’s like a regular mouthguard because it also has smart features that allow it to measure an impact to a player’s head. The athlete can find out whether they could be suffering from a concussion before the symptoms even manifest, which could prove to be important for the long-term health of the person’s brain.

SISU Sense Features

The SISU Sense mouthguard connects with an iOS device to track impacts to the head. It rates impacts depending on the amount of force generated so athletes will know how much damage a particular contact to the head could have done.

SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard Tracks Athlete Head Impacts SisuSense2

The app will show how many hits a player took during a session, and how many of them were major and minor hits. Any major is one that exceeds a certain amount of Gs, and those are the ones the athlete needs to worry about.

SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard Tracks Athlete Head Impacts SisuSense1


As far as battery life, the company claims that it’ll last for one season, which means it will stick around for around six months. That could be a bit of a barrier to entry for some athletes who might not feel comfortable dropping $100 every half year on a mouthguard, but it could be worthwhile for the amount of additional safety it offers.

Akervall Mouthguards

SISU mouthguards are quite different from most because they actually start off flat. They’re also much thinner than most mouthguards on the market. However, they promise to offer better protection than much thicker guards. The company backs up its safety claims with a $35,000 warranty for injuries that occur while wearing its guard.

SISU Sense Smart Mouthguard Tracks Athlete Head Impacts SisuSense3

The process of custom fitting the mouthguard is similar to others—you heat it up and then put it in your mouth to mold it. From there, you push the flat guard against your teeth and force it into shape. The company actually provided me with a sample guard, and I found it to be quite a bit more comfortable than any other mouthguard I’ve ever worn (I’ve spent the last 22 years playing hockey, so I’ve tried quite a few).

SISU Sense Availability

The SISU Sense is available for preorder right now for $79.99 direct from the company’s website. Once the device launches, it’ll retail for $99. Buyers who preorder the smart version of the mouthguard will also get a free Aero Guard (which doesn’t have the smart features) while they wait.

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