Use Siri and Apple Reminders for the Best Shopping Lists
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I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve only really started using Siri recently. Prior to setting up a proper, paperless shopping list using Apple Reminders, Siri was a novelty to me. Now the digital assistant is one of the most useful Apple features The Master List of Every Siri Command and Question The Master List of Every Siri Command and Question Siri can do a lot for you, but did you know she could do this much? Here's an exhaustive list of commands Siri will take. Read More in my life.

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This is partly due to upgrading to a new iPhone 7 Plus and having access to the unimaginably useful “Hey Siri” hands-free functionality Hands-Free iPhone With "Hey Siri": 4 Reasons to Start Using It Hands-Free iPhone With "Hey Siri": 4 Reasons to Start Using It Here's how Apple's hands-free "Hey Siri" command can make your life easier. Read More , but it’s also because iCloud shopping lists work really, really well. (And Siri got a big boost with the latest Siri Shortcuts feature in iOS 12.)

Don’t waste your money on a third-party app — just use Apple’s free iPhone and Mac apps.

Creating a Shopping List

Creating a list is really easy, and because our smartphones generally take an organizational role in our lives, we’ll be running through the process on an iPhone. Thanks to Apple’s unified design philosophy Should Mac Users Always Buy iPhones? Should Mac Users Always Buy iPhones? If you're on a Mac, you should grab Apple's own iPhone rather than an Android or Windows Phone. Why? There are many benefits to the iPhone-Mac combination. Read More , the process is virtually identical on a Mac or the iCloud website.

  1. Launch the Reminders app and display all of your lists (tap the name of the currently-open list to close it).
  2. Assuming you don’t already have a “Shopping” list, pull down from on the list to reveal the plus “+” icon.
  3. Tap it, select List, name it “Shopping”, choose a color, and hit Done.

new list

You can also rename any of your other lists by tapping one, hitting Edit and calling it whatever you like. You can then add things to your list the old-fashioned way: tap the next blank line, type something, hit enter to move on to the next item, repeat.

completed list

It’s also possible to Show Completed items on your list, which is great for quickly re-adding old items. If you tap on an item you can hit the i button to do other things, like set location reminders or be alerted at a specific time How to Set Up Location Alerts in iPhone Reminders How to Set Up Location Alerts in iPhone Reminders Set location-based alerts using the iOS Reminders app and never forget to buy bread or pick up a package ever again. Read More . You can also add notes about the item if you want to, but that’s about as deep as the app goes.

Use Siri to Add Items & View Your List

You can add items to your list by telling Apple’s assistant something like, “Add bread to my shopping list”. Access Siri by holding down the Home button, or use the feature to its fullest potential with the hands-free “Hey Siri” command. This is especially useful if you’re cooking or doing something that means you can’t tap away on your phone.

siri add list

You might need to set up Hey Siri under Settings > Siri first, which will tailor the feature to your specific voice. You should also speak naturally when adding items. There’s no need to pause after saying “Hey Siri” to wake the assistant up — just speak your full sentence. This feature only works on the iPhone 6s or later.

One limitation to adding items to your list using Siri is the inability to add multiple items at once. If you ask Siri to “add bread and wine to my shopping list” then you’ll get a single item for “bread and wine” — and based on my testing, instructions like “comma” or “plus” make no difference.

Siri can also be used to quickly show your lists, simply by asking the assistant to “show my shopping list”. This removes the requirement to stop what you’re doing and launch the Reminders app. Unfortunately, Siri is a bit over-zealous and starts reciting the entire list aloud until you check items off or ask something else.

siri show list

You can use Siri to manage all kinds of lists, and this works because we specifically created a “shopping” list in the Reminders app. If you’d prefer to use terms “grocery” or “food” instead, create lists with these titles. Other ideas include “household” or “holiday” and even store names if you find yourself frequenting the same retailers.

Make Your List Collaborative

What makes the feature really useful is the fact that you can share your lists with other people who can add items and check things off. This obviously works best if all members have iPhones, particularly where groceries are concerned. To share your list with others:

  1. Launch Reminders and find your list.
  2. Hit Edit followed by Sharing.
  3. Use the Add person… button to share via email (use Apple ID emails for best results).

Anyone you invite will receive an invitation on their device, and once accepted, they will be able to add items and mark others as completed. You can also revoke access via the Edit panel if you ever need to.

share list

When another person makes changes to the list, changes will be reflected for all other collaborative users. For instant changes, make sure you enable Push under Settings > Reminders > Accounts > Fetch New Data. Fetch might be easier on your battery How to Fix Poor iOS 10 Battery Life How to Fix Poor iOS 10 Battery Life Battery life not quite what it was before you updated? Here's what's going on and how to improve it. Read More , but your lists will take longer to sync. For household items like groceries, that’s could cause problems.

Access Lists on Mac and Windows

macOS also comes with a Reminders app. Provided you’re using the same iCloud account under System Preferences > iCloud, your lists will sync here too. You can add items quickly by typing, just as you can on iOS, or use macOS Sierra’s new Siri integration How to Use Siri on Your Mac: A Quick Start Guide How to Use Siri on Your Mac: A Quick Start Guide Apple’s intelligent personal assistant Siri is now on the Mac, and controlling your computer with your voice has never been easier. Read More to do so with your voice.

mac reminders

Windows or Linux users will have to login via using their Apple ID, then select Reminders to view the list. Unfortunately, there’s no desktop app integration available via these platforms. If you’re most likely going to be organizing things using your iPhone, though, this won’t be a dealbreaker for you.

The Best Shopping List for iPhone Users

Apple’s own Reminders app, coupled with iCloud sharing, is the best list management solution for iPhone users. Deep integration with the rest of the OS, access from Siri, and the ability to sync with Mac and web clients makes for a surprisingly robust package.

Sure there are more feature-rich solutions on the App Store, like AnyList (Free), but the core functionality isn’t necessarily any better than Apple’s own free app. The app that everyone with an iPhone already has, that makes sharing a breeze. If you’re looking for that same convenient workflow on your computer, check out how to replicate Siri shortcuts on your Mac.

Are you looking for even more things to do with Siri? Why not use it to control your music, thanks to Siri Shortcuts with Spotify How to Use Siri Shortcuts With Spotify How to Use Siri Shortcuts With Spotify Here's our step-by-step guide to setting up Siri with Spotify so you can control music playback using voice commands. Read More .

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  1. Tom
    June 18, 2018 at 12:11 am

    AnyList certainly is NOT free!

  2. ReadandShare
    January 9, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Totally "mickey mouse" but works well enough for a bachelor's simple shopping list.

    I use Google, but any phone contact list will work. I add a contact and name it AA, so it'll show right at the top. In the memo section, I jot down the stuff I need to buy or remember - usually on my laptop, but could be any device. And, of course, contacts sync automatically to all devices. No need to worry about whether the contents have downloaded or not. Update once, use anywhere.

  3. ericesque
    January 9, 2017 at 7:00 pm

    My wife and I find AnyList's ability to categorize, suggest products as you type, and favorite items outweighs the modest gains in simplicity by using Reminders.

    You can import items from Reminders so you don't end up sacrificing much in integrations yet get a much more purpose driven experience.

    • MJ
      December 21, 2018 at 3:28 am

      Am I correct that any list is not voice activated?

      • Debra Pettibone
        January 29, 2019 at 8:28 pm

        You can use AnyList with Siri but you have to tell Siri to use the app. I find it easier to use Apple MyList and let it integrate with AnyList then the items are in categories.