Siphon: Sync Firefox Addons Across Different Computers

MOin 16-11-2010

Do you miss Chrome’s extension synchronizing feature in Mozilla Firefox? If yes, then there is a great tool you can use to sync Firefox addons across different computers. This tool is Siphon.


sync firefox addons

Siphon is a free tool that comes as a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. The add-on lets you create a unique account and then sign into it using the add-on on every computer you use Firefox on. Your add-ons are then synchronized across all the Firefox browsers you use. Your installed add-ons are displayed and you are given the ability to synchronize specific add-ons.

While the add-ons are synchronized fine, their preferences are not. Since the add-on is itself in beta with testing primarily done on Mac machines, Windows users might face a few problems signing up or signing into the add-on. Either way, try it out and provide your feedback to the add-on’s developer to contribute to this brilliantly useful improvement.


  • A browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
  • Very easy to setup.
  • Lets you synchronize firefox plugins across various computers.

Check out Siphon @ [No Longer Available]

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