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Dave LeClair 01-02-2012

Are you a popular Internet personality or person with a valuable skill that could benefit from video conferencing with people? is a service designed for this. Basically, Simplymeet allows you set up live video meetings with people who will pay for them. For example, if you are a highly skilled technical person with a YouTube channel that helps people, you could use this service to set up a live group of one on one video conferences for a fee.


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Not only do they host the actual video conferencing for you, but they give you an easy to manage calendar and scheduling system. You set the times when you are available, and users can book appointments around that. It’s easy for the host and client. The client gets a direct email with a link taking them directly to the video conference. They don’t need any advanced technical skill to get everything up and running.

Once you have everything up and running, Simplymeet will automatically notify you of new appointments and remind you of when they are near. It will also send a reminder to the client, which helps prevent no-shows and makes sure you make your money. Even better, they have the option to charge upfront, so even if they don’t show, you still get your money.


  • Easy to use and monetize video conferencing.
  • Notifications of meeting for you and the client.
  • Automatic calendar management.
  • Set the times you are available, and does the rest.
  • Great way to monetize your knowledge or popularity.

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  1. Eljon
    May 10, 2012 at 4:10 am

    Hi Susan Harlan here.I am appreciative that you took some of your vulaable time to share your opinion here,I respect that!Now, about your point that my videos lack that professional touch and that my voice and talking are way out of sync .What you say is totally true, these are NOT studio quality videos,I make them in my office by myself.. and I am simply not technicaland have zero training in media.Sometimes my assistant Sandra will help for 5 minutes or so, but that is it.You see, one of the main things I am teachingis that you (or other people here) do NOT need to producesuper-polished videos in order to have great sales success.This course is about producing videos that engage the viewer,present vulaable information, and allow most viewers (but not all by any means)to make better buying decisions about your products and services.Some people, like yourself, will indeed be looking for technical flaws in the videos, or just noticing them (to be fair about your intentions) .and make their buying decisions accordingly, as you have done, and I respect your decision.But here is one of the main points I am making .you do not need to have flawlessly technical video in orderto create a video that is highly profitable.So if you want a course on making technically excellent videosthis is NOT the course for you.If you want a course on how regular people, WITHOUT TECHNICAL VIDEO SKILLS,can create videos that will create excellent profits for your website,then please consider this course.I am not a polished on-camera personality, I know I'm kind of stiff,and my voice is never going to replace James Earl Jones or Morgan Freemanout of their narration gigs. I have a face for radio, and a voice for silent movies.I am predicting absolutely no Oscar nominations for excellence in editing, or cinematography,or even best original screenplay (though THAT would look good over my fireplace next to my treasured PARTICIPANT ribbon in elementary school long jump)But I do have 6 years experience in creating some highly successful online videos,and I am going to show everyone exactly how a non-technical ex-school teacher and educatorlearned how to make highly profitable online videos.Once again thanks for the honesty of your input, Susan.I wish you happiness and success in all your ventures! Peace