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Simply Frugal: How To Learn Personal Finance The Easy Way

Joel Lee 28-09-2014

Do you have trouble saving up money? Do you fret over bills and debt on a regular basis? Do you feel lost when others speak using financial lingo? If so, here’s the good news: it’s never too late to learn about money. Thanks to these amazing resources, money management has never been easier.


Once we understand it ourselves, we can then pass that knowledge on and teach our kids about money management 10 Interactive Financial Websites That Teach Kids Money Management Skills Talking to kids about money can be difficult, but these interactive websites make it easier and more fun with games, activities, and quizzes. Read More . Then, maybe we’ll finally be able to stop worrying and start living meaningful lives.

Mr. Money Mustache


Mr. Money Mustache is a family man in his mid-thirties who is retired. Having figured out the secret to life, liberty, and happiness, he now shares his knowledge of financial responsibility with the “Mustachians” in his huge community. The best part is that all of this wonderful information is available to the public for free.

Topics covered include attitude, philosophy, and discipline when it comes to borrowing, purchasing, saving, investing, and cutting expenses. It’s recommended that you start here and explore all of the links therein.

Get Rich Slowly



While it’s nothing more than a simple blog, Get Rich Slowly is full of incredibly valuable advice for smart personal finances. The archives run as far back as 2006 and there has been an average of one post per day through all of that time. Every post is written in simple enough terms that you’ll never feel overwhelmed.

Categories covered include investments, mortgages, credit, insurance, saving, as well as dozens of subcategories for more specific advice. Start with the Essential Money Skills and Best of Get Rich Slowly sections in the sidebar.

Khan Academy


For those who don’t know, Khan Academy is a free resource for learning university-level topics 3 Best Websites To Get A University Level Education For Free The idea that you are never done learning has never been more true than today. The Internet has revolutionized the way we access information and knowledge - formerly a luxury accessible only to the rich... Read More at no cost. It’s often used as a supplement for scientific and mathematic material, but the Academy also has a section on finances and capital markets. All of the content is in streamed video format.


Why not pay a visit and learn something new 6 Ways To Learn Something New Online Everyday The Internet is a double-edged sword - it can be used to procrastinate the day away, or it can be used to learn something new everyday. Here at MakeUseOf, we're particularly focused on the latter.... Read More ? Topics covered include interest, debt, housing, taxes, investments, banking, and more.



Don’t be misled: despite its name, Investopedia is not a wiki. It’s an incredibly high-quality blog with regular updates that will help you understand every aspect of investments, markets, trading, and more. The tutorial repository is chock full of essential knowledge that you absolutely must read.

And speaking of financial jargon, if you find yourself stumbling over unfamiliar terms and phrases, you ought to check out their financial dictionary. Seriously, you won’t regret it.




Bogleheads is more of a community than a single resource but it deserves a mention because it’s such a great place to learn about investments. They have their own investment philosophy that drives the content on their wiki and their forums.

Not sure where to begin? Start with one of the following: investment start-up kit, personal finance planning start-up kit, or retirement planning start-up kit.

Wallstreet Survivor



What better place to learn about financial markets than from a source that calls itself the Wallstreet Survivor? Hop on over to the Library section and you’ll find tons of detailed articles and videos that teach all the basics about investing and trading. You can also go through their online courses if you prefer. Their basic courses are free.

Topics covered include building a portfolio, the fundamentals of trading, understanding bonds and mutual funds, and plenty of other important information. There’s also an interactive stock market game to practice your newly gained investment skills.

Christian PF


Whether you’re religious or not, Christian PF serves as a great base of knowledge for managing one’s personal finances. Yes, their philosophy towards money management is influenced by their religious beliefs but the resulting principles are sound. If you aren’t religious, you can simply ignore those bits.

The blog updates regularly (at least once every few days) and the topics covered include every aspect of personal finance: saving, earning, budgeting, paying off debt, investing, managing insurance, and even some advice for entrepreneurship.

The Simple Dollar


Here’s yet another blog about personal finance, but even so, the tone and focus of these posts are distinct from most other personal finance blogs. The authors of The Simple Dollar employ a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to explaining financial concepts and you’ll be able to understand it without much effort at all.

Most notable are their “Best” Guides, such as the Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit list, their recommendations for the Most Affordable Online Colleges, or their analysis of the Best Free Checking Accounts. It’s a fantastic resource for easily digested finance advice. Money

learn-money-management-aboutmoney is often seen as a resource that’s only useful for cursory gleanings rather than in-depth exploration of topics. That may be true in some cases, but as far as Money is concerned, it’s a treasure trove of content that you ought not to skip over.

The Money section explores everything from personal finance to investments to small business to large-scale industry. Plus, the entire website recently received a facelift so it feels more relevant than ever.

Makin’ Sense Babe [No Longer Available]


And now for something a little different: Makin’ Sense Babe is a regular video series that attempts to cover “boring money topics” in an accessible and entertaining way. It has been described as The Daily Show with “Jon Stewart swapped out for a blonde using clever analogies and wry wit to simplify financial topics.”

That is to say, you won’t learn about financial basics here but you will get a regular dose of current events in the financial realm. The host’s personality may even be a bit too candid for some folks, but if you’re looking for a vlog-type show 12 Engaging Vlogs You Need to Start Watching Today If you're new to the world of vlogging and wondering where to start, or you're simply on the lookout for some new vlogs to check out, this list is for you. Read More about money with quick 2-3 minute episodes, this will be perfect for you.

Once you’re caught up on all of these money-related topics, you’ll be ready to dive into the money market The 10 Best Finance Sites to Help You Stay on Top of the Market Looking for the best finance websites to keep you on top of the market? Here are the best sites for news, investing, and more. Read More with some of these more advanced websites.

Where do you go for your financial education? Isn’t it about time that you got your finances in order? Share your experiences and frustrations with us in the comments!

Image Credit: Depressed young businessman Via Shutterstock, Mr. Money Mustache on Flickr

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