SimpleDiagrams: Cool Diagram Drawing Software
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Online you will find many programs that help you create flowcharts and diagrams. But most of them come with a hefty price tag and are not suitable for people who want to make only basic diagrams. For those simple diagrams, give Simple Diagrams a try.

diagram drawing software

Simple Diagrams is an installable application. Since it is based on Adobe Air, it is cross platform and can be used on any OS that can run Adobe Air.

After installing the application you will find that there are numerous tools that help create great basic diagrams. You can use boxes of different shapes, as well as icons for tables, meetings, and communication. Optionally you can annotate your diagrams, add notes to them, and add custom images on the diagram.

People using Simple Diagrams for free are not able to save the diagram; to do that you can either purchase the application for $9 or get a little creative with the Print Screen button.

diagram drawing program


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