14 Simple LED Craft Project Ideas for Adults, Kids, and Teens

Sandy Writtenhouse 10-11-2017

Craft projects have come along way since simple yarn, glue, and papier-mâché. But this is all for the good because crafts with LED lights can be decorative 7 Creative Uses for Colored LED Home Automation Lighting Turning on your lights automatically is certainly cool, but it doesn't take advantage of the full spectrum of colors available with RGB lighting. For that, we need to get creative. Read More , fun, and easier than you think. For both adults and children, these creative ideas with those lights that last will bring a sparkle to your craft table.


Colorful Crafts for Adults

Many adults enjoy making their own unique decorations and are serious about their craft hobby Get Inspired Right Now with These 12 Crafting & DIY YouTube Channels Read More . For some bright new ideas with LED lights, take a look at these cool creations.

1. Super Easy Centerpieces

Whether it’s for your holiday décor, dinner party, or a late-night get together, Brit + Co offers three neat centerpiece ideas. Each is easy to make and requires minimal supplies and tools. You can choose from Three Jars of Light, which uses LED tea lights, The Salty Snowflake, which requires an LED battery-operated snowflake, or the Starburst Strobe, which uses ball ornaments.

simple led craft project ideas easy centerpieces

2. Petal Lighted Flower Bouquet

Maybe you prefer a centerpiece of flowers. This project from Love Creations combines paper flowers, LED lights, and a simple vase. You can follow the easy video tutorial and craft this cute and colorful project in no time.


simple led craft project ideas petal lighted flower bouquet

3. Magnetic Refrigerator Lights

Find your way to the fridge in the dark with these nifty and decorative lights. You should be prepared to go all out if you like this idea, however. It does involve you painting your refrigerator and working with power supplies and resistors. But if you like the idea, Instructables walks you through each step, includes photos, and provides a full supply list.

simple led craft project ideas magnetic fridge lights

4. LED Chandelier Light

If you would rather light up the whole room instead of just your fridge, take a look at this LED chandelier light project. For this one, you will use LED Christmas string lights and clear crystals that you may already have or can pick up inexpensively. This is another craft project from Instructables, so the instructions and photos are all included.


simple led craft project ideas chandelier lights

5. Bubble Chandelier

Another awesome chandelier is this bubble-style light from the P&G Everyday website. Kenneth Wingard provides you with the steps and photos to make this whimsical LED light bulb craft. You will be surprised at the minimal amount of materials you will need.

simple led craft project ideas bubble chandelier


6. DIY Lantern

Also from P&G Everyday is this outdoor, do-it-yourself lantern project. The lantern uses a tin can, LED candle, and other items you already have at home. With very simple instructions for assembling the lanterns, you can still let your creativity flow with how you decorate them. Then you’ll be ready to light up the backyard for your next barbecque.

simple led craft project ideas lantern

7. Simple LED-Lit Fish Bowl

Is your fish friend the light of your life? If so, why not give him or her the glisten they deserve? This LED-lit fish bowl is easy to make and looks awesome. You need less than 10 items to create it and if you are a thrifty shopper, you can make it for just over $50.

simple led craft project ideas fish bowl


8. DIY Backlit Photowall

If you are feeling ambitious with your crafting skills, here is a project you can really sink your teeth into. The DIY backlit photowall from P&G Everyday gives you a great way to share your family memories with LED lights. This one requires many supplies and takes longer than the other crafts. But the results will be unforgettable as you light up the living room with your favorite family photos.

simple led craft project ideas backlit photo wall

Creative Crafts for the Little Kids

Whether you have a budding electrician or just a child who loves crafts, these projects are super. They are safe, enjoyable, and let your youngster be creative.

9. LED Throwies

These neat magnetic lights are fun for kids because they can toss them onto a magnetic surface. The Buggy and Buddy site has a list of materials needed, clear photographs, and simple instructions for LED throwies.

simple led craft project ideas throwies

10. LED-Light Postcard

If you want to encourage your little artist’s work, let them create an LED-light postcard. They can really let their imagination run wild with the way they decorate the card. And the lights bring the perfect shimmer and shine to their masterpiece. From Kix Cereal, follow the simple steps with photos or pop open the video tutorial.

11. Paper Circuits

Another nifty papercraft using LED lights is creating a paper circuit. Like the postcard, this one brings out the artist skills and enjoyment for your boy or girl. offers instructions, photos, videos, and examples of what you can make. You can also check out locations to purchase supplies and get troubleshooting help for certain paper circuit types.

simple led craft project ideas paper circuits

Cool Crafts for the Bigger Kids

If you have a teen or a tween that wants to add some twinkle to their room or hobby, take a look at these amazing craft projects.

12. Altoids Flashlight

Those sturdy Altoids tins can really come in handy, especially for crafts. If you have a boy or girl interested in electronics projects, they can make this Altoids Flashlight, complete with an LED light color of their choice and a convenient switch. The tools, supplies, and optional items cost less than $5 and Instructables shows you exactly how to make this neat and useful craft.

simple led craft project ideas altoids flashlight

13. Starry Ceiling for Kids

With this project, your teen can bring the beauty of the night sky into their bedroom. This Instructables project does require cutting wood, drilling, and using a micro controller. But for those interested in a cool illumination who can get some help from mom or dad, the starry ceiling idea is a winner.

simple led craft project ideas starry ceiling

14. Color-Changing LED Skateboard Lights

For the skateboarder in your home, this craft with really light up their board. Just use a strip of LED, color-changing, battery-operated lights and of course, a battery. While this project is more of an idea than a how-to from Instructables, it is still an awesome way to make that skateboard stand out.

Do You Have More LED Craft Ideas?

Have you made something unusual or simply amazing with LED lights for your home or for your children? We would love to hear your ideas or the websites you use to find fun light-up crafts.

For something really cool, check out these ways to make your PC glow with programmable LEDs 5 Ways to Make Your PC Glow With Programmable LEDs Want to pimp your PC case with some LEDs? Brighten things up with these programmable LED systems. Read More . And for more projects, these websites have DIY crafts and projects perfect for kids and teens 5 Sites to Find DIY Crafts and Projects for Kids and Teens Crafts teach kids how to build new things. These free websites have a collection of DIY crafts and projects for kids of all ages. Read More .

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