Similar Site Search: Find Similar Websites On The Web With Ease

MOin 02-09-2010

Surely you would like to find websites similar to the ones you already like. If you like a certain video hosting site or web comic, similar websites will also be of interest to you. But because of their number, finding similar sites manually is an almost impossible task. That is precisely why Similar Site Search is a wonderful tool.


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Similar Site Search is a free and simple to use website. Its purpose is exactly what its name suggests: to find websites similar to a given site. All you have to do is enter the given site’s name in the area provided on the homepage of Similar Site Search.

Alternatively you can enter some keywords that define the type of website you are looking for e.g. “web-comic”. You will then be able to view all sites similar to your entered site or those that result from a search of your keywords.

similar websites finder

When the search results are displayed, you can filter them using the provided tags.


Similar Site Search: Find Similar Websites On The Web With Ease similar sites2

You can add and remove certain tags and get better search results. The search results can also be shared on a number of other websites including social networks.


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