Silk: Organise Collections, Answer Questions & Visualise Data With A Silk Site

Tim Brookes 11-05-2013

Collections of data are often meaningless without order and structure, but how can you best show off a carefully ordered collection or list without building your own website from scratch? What if the data you’re using has statistics attached which you’d like to exhibit in a coherent way? If the thought of embedding a few Google Spreadsheets Perform Amazing Feats With These Useful Google Spreadsheet Functions I am ashamed to admit that I've only recently decided to start experimenting with Google Spreadsheets, and what I've discovered is that whatever allure or power Excel had over me due to the amazing things... Read More in your own code and attempting to organize by hand doesn’t really appeal to you then you might want to try Silk.



The free service is designed to help organise collections Use Data Crow to Organize & Manage All Your Stuff [Windows] Here at MUO, we've always offered you tools to organize your things. For example, Justin introduced you to Qigga for organizing academic papers, and Jessica offered up some tools for organizing PDF files. But what... Read More . These collections can be a list of favourite places, authors or brands. They could also be objective lists with data attached, complete with interactive charts or maps. If you have a collection with data attached to it, Silk wants to make that collection look beautiful and give it the attention it deserves.

The service is designed to be clean, modern and simple with an emphasis on structure and organisation.

Silk: Organise Collections, Answer Questions & Visualise Data With A Silk Site silkapp2

By giving each item in your collection its own page, Silk lets your visitors learn more about the things you’re passionate about. Examples from the service include a tiny guide to Madrid and The Incredible Solar System, a collection that puts the size of our neighbouring celestial bodies in context. Silk helps make your data and lists look beautiful but also makes them readable for the rest of the Web to enjoy too.



  • Organise subjective and objective collections based on rating, location, size and other data.
  • An emphasis on structure keeps your Silk website looking neat and ordered.
  • Build a variety of interactive charts and maps.
  • It’s free!

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