How to Sideload Apps on Windows 8 & 10

Joe Keeley 03-12-2015

Windows 8 saw the introduction of apps to Microsoft’s operating system, but they were a bit tricky to install if you weren’t getting them from the official store. Happily, that process has been made much easier with Windows 10.


With the quick change of a setting, you’ll be able to store apps from anywhere. Of course, that does come with a minor risk. We’ll cover how to do this on 8 and 10, along with what it means.

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What are Universal Apps?

Universal apps were introduced in Windows 8. They were introduced because Microsoft is keen on promoting its cross-platform ecosystem Windows 10 Is Watching: Should You Be Worried? Since its release, Windows 10 has been dogged by rumors concerning user privacy. Some of these are accurate, whereas others are myths. But where does Windows 10 stand on privacy, really? Read More . For example, the idea is that you’d use a Windows desktop, phone, and tablet – then you’re truly a Windows users.

These apps are an easier way for developers to create something that can reach across all of those devices. It’s easier to support things like different screen sizes or input methods Pros & Cons Of A Windows 8 Tablet Vs. A Touchscreen Laptop Windows 8 is a gift for touchscreen users. But some people prefer non-touch devices. Which option is right for you? It depends on what exactly you're looking for. Read More . And they can be bundled up and downloaded from a single, official store.

windows 10 app store


This is a good thing for users because it means that the programs and tools they use will be supported across all of their devices and they can share data across all of them seamlessly.

However, Microsoft were strict with how apps could be downloaded on Windows 8, only allowing users to get them from the official store. If you wanted to get around this and install third-party apps, a process called sideloading, it wasn’t intuitive. With Windows 10, they’ve become more lax and have made the option to sideload apps available within the Settings area.

What are the Risks?

By downloading your apps through the official Windows Store, you’re ensuring that they’re coming from an official source. Microsoft is meant to vet everything which appears on their store, thus there’s supposedly an increased level of security and protection for the end user.



If you enable sideloading, you now have the ability to install your apps from anywhere. This opens up a risk to downloading something that might infect your system with malware, tracking, or some other malicious kit.

However, this is the same risk that comes with downloading any standard desktop program, so don’t sound the alarm. You need to be vigilant in where you’re downloading from and only take from trusted developers; whether it’s an app or a program, the same rules apply.

How to Enable Sideloading on Windows 8

On Windows 8 you can sideload apps if you have a developer license How to Make Your Own Mobile App with the Right Developer Inside everyone of us could well be the idea for the next best-selling mobile application. App developers can be found throughout the Internet. This guide should help you hire the right app developer. Read More . A developer license is used to work on and test an app on your own system. It’s possible to acquire a developer license, though Microsoft warns they can revoke it from your account if they find that you’re not actually a developer.

To get a developer license, do a system search for PowerShell, then right-click the result, and select Run as administrator. When PowerShell opens, input the following:



powershell dev license

And then press return. A notice will pop up explaining what the purpose of a developer license is. Click I Agree, if you do. You’ll then need to input the email and password for your Microsoft account, which your developer license will be linked to.

Now, to sideload an app you need to install it through PowerShell. Open it up again and input the following, switching out the second part for the location and name of the app file:

Add-AppxPackage C:\AppName.appx

With thanks to How-To Geek for this method.


How to Enable Sideloading on Windows 10

First, press CTRL + I to open the Settings menu The Windows 10 Settings Guide: How to Do Anything and Everything Do you know your way around the Settings app in Windows 10? Here's everything you need to know. Read More and then click Update & security. Once here, click For developers from the left-hand navigation.

windows 10 sideload apps

Select Sideload apps and read the message warning you about installing from outside the Windows Store Don't Be Fooled! 5 Tips To Avoid Fake Apps In The Windows Store The Windows Store has been spoiled by useless junkware and scams. Microsoft recently purged many fake apps, but the store still features questionable apps. We show you how not to get scammed. Read More , the risks of which we’ve covered above. Click Yes to enable sideloading.

And that’s it! You can now install any app on your device, regardless of its source.

Sideloading Awaits

If you’re on Windows 10 then there’s no doubt that sideloading apps is a much easier and more reliable process. While it’s not impossible on Windows 8, it’s not fool-proof and isn’t really supported by Microsoft.

Remember, as you would with a traditional desktop program, remain cautious when downloading an app from a third-party site away from the official Windows Store. The in-built malware protection How to Use Windows Defender Malware Protection on Windows 10 Like any Windows operating system, Windows 10 is open to abuse and vulnerable to online threats. Security software is mandatory. Windows Defender is a good place to start and we guide you through the setup. Read More that Windows offers will help, but nothing will ever catch every threat.

Will you be sideloading apps? Are there any non-official apps that you would recommend?

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  1. Tom
    December 9, 2015 at 4:14 am

    It would seem sideloading apps is the default on Windows 10. I just went to click the switch and it was already clicked - not by me.

  2. faheem
    December 6, 2015 at 5:49 pm

    where to find apps.... we can find apk files everywher but not store apps