Sick of People Asking You to Google for Them? Use This Site
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Despite its ubiquity, many people still don’t have a basic grasp on how to use the internet properly. Often, these folks ask their friends for help with basic questions that could easily be answered with a Google search.

Longtime site Let Me Google That For You (LMGTFY) has just received an update, and it’s worth keeping in mind for those times when someone asks you to search the internet for them.

The core functionality of the site remains the same: type a search query into the box, and click Get Link for a URL that you can share with your friends. That URL will open a little LMGTFY demo that instructs the user to visit Google, type their query, and hit Search.

Sick of People Asking You to Google for Them? Use This Site LMGTFY Site

To keep up with Google’s many changes, LMGTFY has added a big number of new features. It now supports Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, and DuckDuckGo search engines if you want to send someone to a service other than Google. For Google searches, you can choose to search images, videos, news, and other categories in addition to a normal web search.

Finally, you’ll notice a new Include internet Explainer check box below the search bar. If you enable this, the link includes a little explanation about how search engines let you search the web for whatever you need. The service also works better on mobile now, and changing the language directs the link to the proper international version of Google.

LMGTFY is a great resource for teaching people how to search for their own questions. Depending on who you send it to, they might take it as sarcastic and rude or just appreciate the help, so consider the other party before using it. It does help highlight how silly someone asking you to type their question into Google for them is, though.

Need to send your friends more guides to the internet? Show them how to use Twitter without screwing up.

Have you ever used LMGTFY? Let us know if you get tired of people asking you to search for them in the comments!

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