Shotbox: Create & Share Outlines Of Your Film & Media Projects

Umar 18-04-2013

Are you trying to create an outline for your film or media project? If yes, then Shotbox can serve as a tool to create and share this outline.


create project outlines

Shotbox is a web service that is currently in beta and free to use. The function of the website is to let you create an outline for your film and other media projects. Basically, the website provides you with an intuitive interface that lets you upload artwork and audio. You can align the audio next to the artwork and images to create an outline of what you want to do. Users can then be invited to view what you have done on the Shotbox interface. Alternatively you can export your project to an offline file and share it.

You start all of this by first signing up for an account and then creating a project. Currently users are able to create up to three different projects. Once this is done, you can begin upload images and audio to your project. Images and audio can be aligned any way that you like. Once you have created what you want, you can add users to your project. Alternatively you can click on the export button in the left pane of the interface. The resulting options will include exporting the data to storyboard, thumbnails, shotlist, breakdown, and book.

Disabled options reveal that future versions will allow you to export data to XML and ZIP files too. A list of your previous exports is displayed in the right pane of this window.




  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you create an outline of your film and media projects.
  • Supports uploading audio and images.
  • Can export projects to offline files.

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