Shortcuts For Special Characters on Windows

Dave LeClair 12-06-2013

This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download Shortcuts For Special Characters on Windows now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

Those special characters we have to type every now and then can be a pain to remember. There are so many of them, and each has their own special string of things you need to type to create them.

Fear not though, because our handy cheat sheet shows you how to type all the most important special characters on one handy page. Keep it next to your PC, and you will know how to type the special characters whenever you need them!

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Please find the contents of the cheat sheet below.

How to use special characters?


Example: To input the © symbol, hold Alt, type its code – 0169 and release Alt.

Important: you must use the numeric key pad.

Letters with Accents

Grave ` À-0192, à-0224, È-0200, è-0232, Ì-0204, ì-0236, Ò-0210, ò-0242, Ù-0217, ù-0249
Acute ´ Á-0193, á-0225, É-0201, é-0233, Í-0205, í-0237, Ó-0211, ó-0243,
Ú-0218, ú-0250, Ý-0221, ý-0253
Circumflex ^ Â-0194, â-0226, Ê-0202, ê-0234, Î-0206, î-0238, Ô-0212, ô-0244, Û-0219, û-0251
Tilde ~ Ã-0195, ã-0227, Ñ-0209, ñ-0241, Õ-0213, õ-0245
Umlaut ¨ Ä-0196, ä-0228, Ë-0203, ë-0235, Ï-0207, ï-0239, Ö-0214, ö-0246, Ü-0220, ü-0252, Ÿ-0159, ÿ-0255

Other Symbols and Special Characters

© Copyright symbol 0169
® Registered symbol 0174
™ Trademark 0153
• List Dot 0149
§ Section Symbol 0167
† Dagger 0134
‡ Double Dagger 0135
– en-dash 0150
— em-dash 0151
¶ Paragraph Symbol 0182
¡ Upside-down exclamation mark 0161
¿ Upside-down question mark 0191
Ç,ç French C cedille 0199,0231
Œ,œ O-E ligature 0140,0156
ß German Sharp/Double S 0223
º,ª Masculine,Feminine Ordinal Number 0186,0170
Ø,ø Nordic O slash 0216,0248
Å,å Nordic A ring, Angstrom sign 0197,0229
Æ, æ A-E ligature 0198,0230
Þ, þ Old English Thorn 0222,0254
« » Spanish/French angle quotation marks 0171,0187
‹ › Spanish/French angle single quotation marks 0139,0155
Š,š Czech S hachek (S Caron) 0138,0154
Ž,ž Czech S hachek (Z Caron) 0142,0158
Ð, ð Old English Eth 0208,0240

Math Symbols

÷ Division sign 0247
° Degree symbol 0176
¬ Not symbol 0172
± Plus/minus 0177
µ Micro 0181
‰ Per Mille 0137
¼ Fraction 1/4 0188
½ Fraction 1/2 0189
¾ Fraction 3/4 0190
¹ Superscript 1 0185
² Superscript 2 0178
³ Superscript 3 0179


¢ Cent sign 0162
£ British Pound 0163
€ Euro 0128
¥ Yen 0165
ƒ Dutch Florin 0131
¤ other 0164

You may also download this cheat sheet in PDF format as seen in the image above.

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