Short-Cuts Add-In: Quickly Open Most Commonly Used Spreadsheets [Excel]

Umar 13-01-2013

We use Excel spreadsheets for various purposes. From simply noting down the money you spent on your vacation to preparing an attendance sheet for your employees, Excel spreadsheets can help you in many ways. If you work with spreadsheets a lot, there might be a few spreadsheets that you access regularly, perhaps while you are in the middle of creating another sheet.


In such a situation it is inconvenient to exit Excel, browse over to the Explorer path that includes the spreadsheet, and then open it. Here to offer you a workaround for that lengthy procedure is an add-in for Microsoft Excel versions 2003, 2007, and 2010, called Short-Cuts Add-In.

short cuts add in

Short-Cuts Add-In is a free to use add-in that has been made for Microsoft Excel, which you can use to quickly open the spreadsheets that you regularly access. First, you must place the add-in file in the appropriate Excel directory – a guide on how to do this can be found on the add-in’s website. With the add-in added, you can right click on your open spreadsheets and select “Short-cuts” to open up the add-in’s window. From here you can access and create groups of Excel spreadsheets.

You can browse through these groups to add the spreadsheets that you regularly access. With the files added, you can quickly open those spreadsheets through the same Short-cuts window.

short cuts add in



  • A user friendly Excel add-in.
  • Adds shortcuts in Excel spreadsheet to quickly open commonly accessed spreadsheets.
  • Lets you modify shortcut groups and files.
  • Compatible with Excel 2003, 2007, and 2010.

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