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The 8 Best Shopify Apps to Secure Your Store and Protect Customers

Emma Roth 19-02-2019

Your Shopify store is up-and-running, but it’s missing something. That’s right, your store needs security.


Shopify security apps are your best bet when you can’t have a physical security guard. While Shopify itself is a secure platform to use, installing security apps can help keep your store and customers even safer.

These Shopify apps can transform your shop into a fortress.

1. Locksmith

Locksmith Shopify App Security

Locksmith is a fairly simple app. It involves only two items: a lock and a key.

Locksmith allows you to put a “lock” on specific items including collections, prices, products, shopping carts, entire pages, and more. Only those who possess the key can gain access to the restricted area.


Create a key by choosing from several conditions. For example, you can set it so customers can access a locked area only if they’re signed in. Keep in mind that your key can contain multiple conditions.

Locksmith Shopify App Security Key Options

Many shops use this app to hide their wholesale catalog from regular retail customers. Choose to use it for a variety of other applications including security purposes, special offers, or IP address restrictions.

Download: Locksmith ($9/mo with 15-day free trial)


2. Age Check

Age Check Shopify App Security Age Verification

When you sell products like alcohol, cigarettes, or hazardous items, you need a way to keep youngsters off your site. Age Check requires your customers to input their birthday upon entering your shop. This can deter underage visitors (the honest ones, at least).

You can completely customize your age verification pop-up. Browse through a selection of background photos or upload your own. You can even add your logo, edit your message, adjust your font settings, and more.

Age Check Shopify App Age Verification Page


Install Age Check on your store with a simple click—there’s no need to struggle with your store’s code if you’re not familiar with it.

An age verifier doesn’t have to make your store unattractive either. Creating a pop-up with Age Check can actually have eye-catching results.

Download: Age Check ($4.95/mo with 7-day free trial)

3. Fraud Scanner

Fraud Scanner Shopify App Security


Don’t you wish there was a way to block out those pesky fraudsters? You’re tired of manually reviewing your orders, only to find out that a fraudulent order has still managed to slip past you. The last thing you want is to face another chargeback fee.

Instead of spending hours sifting through potentially fraudulent orders, have Fraud Scanner do it for you. When Fraud Scanner detects a high-risk customer, it cancels the order immediately. You’ll end up saving time and money that you can put towards your shop.

Download: Fraud Scanner (Free, $4.95/mo for basic version)

4. McAfee Secure

McAfee Secure Shopify Security App

Safety matters to your shoppers. Most customers won’t input their personal information on a website that they don’t know is secure. McAfee Secure lets your customers know that they can trust your shop.

When you download McAfee Secure, the app runs your store through a security check. It tells you and your customers about concerns like phishing scams or malicious links.

McAfee Secure App Shopify Security Checker

The free version of McAfee Secure places a small McAfee logo in the corner of your store. Clicking on the logo shows that your site passed McAfee’s security check. This logo appears for 500 visitors per month, so you’ll have to upgrade to the Unlimited plan if you have more traffic.

The Unlimited plan inserts a stamp of trust during checkout, offers Shopper Identity Protection, makes your site search-engine friendly, and more. Unfortunately, the Unlimited plan comes with a monthly fee.

Download: McAfee Secure (Free, $19/mo for premium version)

5. Rewind Backups

Rewind Backups Shopify App Security

Have you ever made a change to your store, and immediately wished that you could undo it? Shopify is pretty unforgiving when it comes to accidentally deleting a product or making an error in your store’s code. Since Shopify doesn’t offer an “undo” button, Rewind Backups has you covered.

Rewind Backups Vault Shopify Security App

This app backs up your entire store as soon as you install it. It automatically saves product information, themes, inventory, prices, images, and more on a daily basis.

The next time you make a miss-click, enter the Rewind Vault and restore your site to a previous version. You have the choice to rewind a specific product or rewind your entire store. In the end, it’s nice to know that you can undo both small and large mistakes.

Download: Rewind Backups (Free, $9/mo for premium version with 7-day free trial)

6. Cozy AntiTheft

Cozy AntiTheft Shopify Security App

There’s a reason why many consider Shopify as one of the most effective ways to start your online store. The versatility in the Shopify App Store houses several helpful apps like Cozy AntiTheft.

Your shop has original photos and blog posts that you need to protect. Installing Cozy AntiTheft prevents visitors from saving your pictures and copying your text.

Cozy Options Antitheft Shopify Security App

Your site will be drag-and-drop protected, along with copy-and-paste secured. No shortcuts can steal your image, and your background pictures will be inaccessible. Cozy AntiTheft prevents mischief on your both your desktop and mobile site.

Download: Cozy AntiTheft (Free)

7. Shop Protector

Shop Protector Shopify Security App

It’s not uncommon for fake account creations and newsletter signups to plague an online store. As the spam adds up, it can start getting disruptive. Shop Protector prevents these sketchy signups.

Shop Protector App Forms Shopify Security

Many shop owners use CAPTCHA to prevent spam comments or signups, but it has its disadvantages. CAPTCHAs tend to steer customers away by pushing irritating security checks. On the other hand, Shop Protector operates quietly in the background, without impacting on the customer experience.

Upgrade to Shop Protector Plus and you’ll get the added benefit of bot protection. Bots can drain your inventory by placing hundreds of fraudulent orders on a product release day. Block out bot-based checkouts and prioritize your human shoppers.

Download: Shop Protector ($4.99/mo with 14-day free trial)

8. GDPR Banner

GDPR Banner Shopify App Security

The E.U. requires that websites comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Even if you’re not located in the E.U., you’re still responsible if you sell products there.

The regulation works to protect your visitors’ privacy. Your shop likely uses Shopify Analytics, Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel to track your customers’ data. The GDPR wants users to consent to these cookies, which is where the GDPR Banner app comes in handy.

GDPR Banner App Shopify Security Example

Customize your banner’s color, text, and placement. Until your users’ hit “Ok” on the banner, you won’t collect any of their information.

Download: GDPR Banner (Free, $3/mo for basic version with 3-day free trial)

Accomplish More With Your Shopify Store

Whether you need spam protection, age verification, or right-click prevention, Shopify has an app for that. With these eight Shopify apps, you’ll have protection for you and your customers.

  1. Locksmith
  2. Age Check
  3. Fraud Scanner
  4. McAfee Secure
  5. Rewind Backups
  6. Cozy AntiTheft
  7. Shop Protector
  8. GDPR Banner

You’ll have to pay a monthly fee to get the most out of these apps, but at least you won’t have to compromise your customers or store.

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