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Custom t-shirts can be great fun. You can put brilliant designs on them and / or text for humor or to announce your stand on a serious issue. If you have a custom t-shirt idea, the best way to visualize the completed form is Shirt Mockup.

t shirt mock up site

Shirt Mockup is a free to use website that lets you create images for your custom t-shirts. You get a standard t-shirt that you can optionally change to a “distressed t-shirt”. The interface then lets you place your design on the shirt.

Your design should be in a JPG or GIF file and sized less than 300 KB. Once you place it on the shirt, you can use the built-in color picker to change the shirt’s color to match the background of the design. You can also scale and rotate the design. When done, you can save the image as a JPEG file to your computer.

If you are using the site’s free account, the image will have a watermark in the bottom right, out of the shirt’s way. This image can be greatly helpful in visualizing the final product and explaining your t-shirt idea to a professional.


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