Shigeru Miyamoto Spills the Beans on Mario in This Video and Infographic

ROFL 11-09-2015

Today, Nintendo sent out a tweet that literally changed the world. Okay, well maybe it didn’t change the world, but it most definitely changed our perception of Mario 4 Ways To Make A Mario Game on Your Computer As long as there's been an Internet, there have been fan-made Mario games. Read More . The man who made Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto Video Games You Probably Didn't Know Were Created By Shigeru Miyamoto When most people think about video games, they think about Nintendo. When they think of Nintendo, they think of Shigeru Miyamoto is one of the first people we think of. He is the genius behind... Read More , dispelled all kinds of Mario myths in the tweeted video, which you’ll find below. Everything from whether or not Mario 3 An Artificial Intelligence That Can Play Mario? The Future is Here Read More really was a play to whether he’d let Doctor Mario perform surgery on him is covered. Prepare to have your mind blown.

And if that wasn’t enough, we also have a really cool infographic that was just created that provides all kinds of facts and information about the world’s most famous plumber. It compiles information directly from Miyamoto that has been released over the years.

Watch the video, read the infographic, and be a Mario expert who is truly ready to experience Mario Maker when it releases on 9/11/15.

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