ShiftEdit: Web-Based IDE for Programming in the Cloud

Israel Nicolas 26-10-2010

If you are looking for a quick integrated development environment to work on the go, then you should check out ShiftEdit. Like any IDEs, ShiftEdit offers basic syntax highlighting and the web app interface allows you to edit your work and save it in the cloud. But the kicker with this tool is that it has built-in FTP/SFTP support so that you can manage your websites within ShiftEdit – great when you need to fix quick problems while you are not in your office.


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To start using ShiftEdit, just sign up for an account and then log in. Then set up all your websites. You need to add the FTP details and directory. The IDE workspace supports tabbed coding, undo/redo, jump to line and syntax highlighting. It is also pretty lightweight so you can get your work done without the hassle of loading pages.

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In addition, ShiftEdit allows you to back track on revision, bookmark files for easy opening, and even share websites with your friends. ShiftEdit is a great lightweight tool for developers that packs some punch.


  • Supports all new-current browsers.
  • Feature-set resembles what you’ll find in a desktop IDE.
  • Manage websites within your account.
  • Share web accounts with your friends.
  • Lightweight.
  • Similar Tools: Ideone Ideone: Online IDE & Debugging Tool Read More , PHPAnywhere and CodeRun.

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