ShiftCam 2.0 Turns Your Phone into a Pocket-Sized DSLR

MakeUseOf Deals 21-03-2019

Most smartphones take amazing photos nowadays. The only thing missing is the ability to switch lenses. That changes with ShiftCam 2.0 — a six-in-one lens kit for your iPhone. This awesome case lets you capture distant wildlife, take wider group shots, and even focus on macro details. Right now, you can get ShiftCam 2.0 for $59.99 at MakeUseOf Deals.


Pocket DSLR

To build a serious following on Instagram, it’s essential to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, every iPhone owner is stuck with the same two lenses. It’s tough to be creative with such a limited toolkit.

That’s where ShiftCam 2.0 comes in. This smartphone photography kit gives you five extra options on the rear-facing camera, and a wider view on the front-facing camera.

The kit includes a 120° wide-angle lens that’s perfect for landscapes, plus a 2x telephoto lens for extra reach. You also get two macro lenses, which provide 10x and 20x magnification respectively. The 180° fisheye lens offers the widest view of all, adding a wacky perspective to your shots.

The lenses come with a nice protective case which provides a solid mount. When you’re no longer taking pictures, you can simply slide out the lenses and use your iPhone as normal.

ShiftCam 2.0 comes in three versions: for Phone X, iPhone 7/8 and iPhone 7/8 Plus.


Take Better Photos for $59.99

Order ShiftCam 2.0 now for $59.99 and save 14% on the standard price.

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