How to Share Unlimited Photos With Your Family on Amazon Prime
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Shutterbugs are not going to run out of photo storage space soon. With an Amazon Prime membership, you have another corner to put them in.

Amazon Prime membership (CA) gives you unlimited photo storage. But now, you can extend the facility to five other people — maybe, your family or close friends. Invite five other people to Amazon Prime Photos and store an unlimited number of photos together.

The new facility is called Family Vault. You can also share 5 GB of space for videos and other files. The five members added by an Amazon Prime member do not need to pay for a Prime membership.

The idea is to share your memorable photos with your family or friends and use this space as a private stockpile. This shared folder makes it easy to gather all snaps from family events and vacations, and organize a “memory archive”.

There is no need for tagging each photo separately as the underlying artificial intelligence organizes the photos without your intervention. Photos can be grouped by faces, places, and things. You (or your family members) can first add photos to a private folder before anyone optionally adds it to the Family Vault.

Family Vault vs. Google Photos?

Google Photos is the big elephant in the room and it doesn’t need a paid subscription. Following its wake, Amazon Photos has also improved its photo recognition and search capabilities so that you can locate them quickly.

You can see the collections on the web or with free Amazon apps for iOS and Android. Also, let’s not forget Amazon Prints which can help you convert those fantastic snaps into cards and custom photo books at a price.

Do you see yourself using the Family Vault? Or, do you think Google Photos still comes out on top?

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