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Share Your Food With DishPal, The Sleekest Food Sharing App I Have Ever Seen [iOS]

Dave LeClair 05-04-2012

food sharing appThe iPhone and iPad have changed the way we share with each other. Everything that everyone is doing at all times seems to be shared one way or another. Whether we are posting the latest photos to Instagram, checking in on Foursquare or sharing some random thought on Twitter, we are all sharing with each other, all the time. The trend in sharing seems to be moving more towards applications that share one type of thing, instead of a broad app that shares everything. For sharing food, DishPal is the best app I have come across.


To describe DishPal in the broadest way possible, I would say it is like Instagram for food. Users can log in and share pictures of whatever delicious item they are currently eating, whether it is something they whipped up themselves or something they ordered at a restaurant. If you want to keep your food sharing habits out of your Instagram and Tumblr accounts, and keep it confined to a place where other foodies can appreciate it, you need to check out DishPal.

Sharing A Dish

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The first thing most users will feel inclined to do is share a picture of their food. After all, that is the main purpose of the application. In order to share something, you will need to tap the camera button on the bottom of the screen. When you tap this for the first time, it will ask you to sign in with Facebook. You will need to grant it permission, and within a few seconds, you will be ready to start snapping pictures of your food.

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Once you take the picture, the application will give you some options for tweaking it to give it a little extra visual appeal. You can adjust options such as the brightness, gamma, contrast and saturation. This allows you to take the photo and make it your own.

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The next step is to title the image and provide tags. Tags are very important because it allows other users to find your image based on certain search criteria. If your image is of something greasy, for example, make sure to tag it as such so people who are looking for greasy dishes will be able to find your photo easily. From this page, you can also choose to share your image on other social networks.

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Once you are finished, click on save, and the image will be uploaded to DishPal for others to savor and enjoy.

My Dish page

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The My Dish page is where you come to see all the stuff you have uploaded. From here, you will be able to see all of your pictures. You will also see any awards you have earned for participating in other parts of the social network. You can also get a feel for the kinds of dishes you upload with your favorite tags. This lets you see what kinds of food you like to eat and share the most.


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Parties are a place for people to come together and share things. They are kind of like a group on Facebook. Alternatively, maybe a better way to describe them is a virtual potluck. Users come in and share their pictures in the party, and everyone gets to enjoy them. The only sad part about these parties is that you only get to look at the food, when you would much rather be eating it!


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This section is like an expanded version of the parties section. People can create a magazine for a certain group of pictures, and other users can come in and share their photos that mix with the theme. For example, there is a magazine called “Grill Talk” filled with all the beautiful creations people are whipping up on their barbeques.


Of course, an app based on sharing photos needs a search function, and the one built-in with DishPal is very good. You can search for a specific food, user, party or magazine. If you are looking for some specific type of food, this is where you want to be.

Share Your Food With DishPal, The Sleekest Food Sharing App I Have Ever Seen [iOS] dishpal8 e1332858988742

In addition to using the actual search box, you can also click on a tag in any image to see all pictures with that tag. This is a great way to broaden your horizons. If you know you like spicy food, look at items with that tag and you may find something new.

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You can also click on the “All” tab on the bottom of the screen. This is the news feed for everything happening on DishPal. Each image that is added will appear here. You can find some interesting foods that you never even knew existed from this page.


DishPal is an awesome place to share and discover new foods. Their tagging system makes it easy to find foods that are similar to something you know you like. You can also use their handy search function if you are looking for something specific. Overall, DishPal is an impressive app that looks amazing on the iPad and iPhone.

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Have you discovered some new and exciting foods with DishPal? Let us know in the comments!

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