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Dave Drager 20-12-2010

<firstimage=”//” />share achievementsGetting badges or awards for activity online is no longer a novel thing for a web application. From location check-ins Check In & Become Mayor of Your Favorite Venues With Foursquare Read More to entertainment, badges are yours for the taking on many sites. In fact, how do you even keep track of all of those awards in a single place?

Advertisement (currently in beta) aims to be the “meta” award site. It connects to your other social network and award sites – such as the typical Facebook and Twitter but also Netflix, GetGlue, Xbox Live, Kiva, etc – and maintains a centralized location of awards for you to keep track of. Basically it gives you a centralized location to view your collective awards or to ‘brag’ about them via a profile or shout, should you choose to do so.

Let’s go over the features of below to see if it is worth your time to sign up and connect your accounts.

Connecting Your Accounts

Upon signing up for, you are prompted to begin connecting your accounts to the site. connects with many services:

share achievements


It connects using the APIs of various services which is the perfect way to bring in your information. The downside – it is rather tedious to follow through on the numerous social networks to allow authorization to the service. The upside – this is a very secure way to connect to the website. Should you decide to disconnect or remove your information from in the future, you can revoke permission on each website.

Getting Badges

After connecting your accounts, will grab your current information and achievements from the external sites. One thing that I liked about is that it actually tells you some interesting stats about your usage of sites, for example below is my total number of movies shipped and viewed on Netflix.

display achievements

Similar stats are available on Foursquare, GetGlue and the other services. I would love to see this expanded further to cull even more interesting stats from the social networks that you use frequently.


display achievements also adds badges to sites that do not offer them currently. One example is Facebook place check-ins. Awards are not currently available on the site, but will add them for the number of times you check in and other landmark statistics.

Sharing Achievements

display achievements

As with many other award sites, allows you to post achievements to your social networks (Twitter and Facebook supported at the time of this writing). Since many of the original sites already allow the posting to these same networks, with the exception of sites like Netflix, care must be taken to not “double post” your awards and alienating your followers/friends. has definitely taken this into consideration and actually make you opt-in to broadcast your achievements, even letting you fine tune the notices per service. So if you don’t want people to know your embarassing YouTube video habits, you can shut that part down.


The LeaderMap/SocialMap

If you want to ‘follow’ people on, you can certainly do that too. The LeaderMap is actually a really cool visualization of people registered on and probably one of the slickest things going on the site. You can select any number of categories of information, for example number of Twitter followers or total score; and then select a range of numbers. After a sweet little animation it presents the people who match that criteria and allows you to view their info and/or follow them.

share achievements

The SocialMap also is a compelling little area of the site that you need to “Unlock” by following on Twitter/Facebook. It takes a while to unlock (as of this writing it is still locked for me) but it apparently will map your friends’ data and give you insights to what is trending among them. Sounds cool to me.

Is Worth Your Time?

I would have to give a thumbs up. They are just getting started, and although the ‘beta’ tag proved itself a few times during my trip through the site, I have a feeling they are going to be coming out with some cool features and will continue to grow in stature and prominence. As a sort of ‘meta’ badge site it helps you to consolidate what is going on with you and your friends lives and that is really a breath of fresh air. It is simply too time intensive to continue visiting every site and/or app to keep track of what is going on.

Advertisement will also be venturing into real-world achievements which I can also see as being a very popular way to share accomplishments. For example, a “Lost 10 pounds” award or “Hiked 50 miles” achievement, that sort of thing that you would like to broadcast to your friends without sounding like (too much) of a braggart.

So if you are big into social media, give a try today. You can find me on here, feel free to follow and I will follow you back. Let us know what you think of the service!

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