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Share Audio & Video With Your Friends When You Check In At Places With Clingle [iPhone & Android]

Steve Campbell 29-11-2011

check in mobile appDo you ever witness interesting things happening whenever you go out? Better yet, are you one of those people who seeks out interesting things? If so, you probably cherish those moments with your friends, especially the ones who were there with you at the time. But how do you share a place with those of your friends that weren’t with you?


Well, geo-location apps sure help. You can use these types of applications to check in wherever you’re at and tag things to share with your friends, filling them in on where you’ve been and giving them a brief inside look at what made it so interesting. Most location-based apps focus on letting you share a photo along with your location at the places you visit, but what if they were to take it a step further?

In this article, I’m going to show you the one geo-location app that allows you to attach audio and video to your check-ins, which should help give you (and your friends) some added value around every check-in that you make from here on out.

What Is Clingle?

Clingle [Broken URL Removed] is a geo-location app that incorporates multimedia into your check-ins. Like other location-based applications, Clingle utilizes the GPS utility of your mobile device to help you interact with others and share information about the interesting things you see and places you visit.

check in mobile app

Clingle makes capturing and sharing moments a rich experience. When you’re out visiting an area, you can use the app to take live video, explore popular places around you, start conversations, or leave messages for friends at specific locations. And if you like, you can also leave them a video, photo, or even audio to further engage them.


check in mobile app

What differentiates Clingle from other check-in apps is the inclusion of video into check-ins. One of the things I love about apps like Foursquare and Oink Recommend Stuff You Like To Your Social Network Followers With Oink & Kinetik [iPhone] Two new iPhone apps have emerged to provide their own unique approach for rating and recommending stuff we like and don't like. Unlike Yelp, the new Oink is set up for users to not only... Read More is the ability to add photos to check-ins, which really add to the experience and help users show off a little bit about the places they’re visiting, activities they’re doing, and things they’re seeing. According to Clingle, “It’s the best way to check-in ever!

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The other cool feature is being able to leave messages – called Clings – at places for your friends. These can be in the form of a surprise audio, video, or picture message that friends would then have to unlock when they visit a particular place. Regardless of the type of Cling you leave for your friends, it should be a nice surprise for them once they unlock it.


check in android app

You can also start a private group conversation with your friends, which you can use to do anything from planning a future trip with them to sharing a song that comes to mind whenever you visit a specific place. iTunes audio can be used as Clings too, which really makes sharing audio easier.

Currently, Clingle works best for users located in the US, UK, India, and Singapore, but you’ll soon be able to use it everywhere. It’s available for iPhone and Android [No Longer Available], with support for other devices coming soon as well.

What do you think of Clingle? Will you be adding video to your check-ins?


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  1. Gro
    December 9, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    have to agree that this is a bit too personal... is there a chance that people get access to where you go and your favourite spots etc? bit too risky... email a photo, and call. should do fine.

  2. Anonymous
    November 30, 2011 at 3:25 am

    absolutely not. I like the idea of choosing my privacy and my company. I'll contact who I want to see. I also like the idea that social media keeps their goddamn fingers out of my private life. My idea of a nice surprise is no surprise.