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Bakari Chavanu 08-06-2011

<firstimage=”//”>share screenshotsScreenshot applications are in no short supply for Mac users, starting with Apple’s own built-in rudimentary program and ending with Jing How To Take A Better Screenshot Image With Jing (Mac) Read More , a favorite among MakeUseOf writers. I typically keep three or four screenshot apps accessible on my Macs, and it looks I may be adding one more, called PixAM, a new addition to the Mac App Store. PixAM allows you to share, annotate, save, and archive screenshots with a few simple clicks. It works similarly to Jing but it has a few extra goodies.


Note: PixAM has both an online web client, as well a Linux and Windows client. This review covers the OS X and web client.

Main Features

In order to use and archive your screenshots using PixAM, you need to of course set up an account. Each screenshot taken with the application or uploaded through the web client automatically gets you a short link so that you can share screenshots as needed.

share screenshots

Options for taking screenshots include the traditional clippings: full screen, free form rectangle, and window clipping – all three of which are initiated from the Mac menu bar or via keyboard shortcuts.

annotate screenshots



Annotation Tools

Screen capturing using PixAM is slightly faster than other similar applications, in that when you want to take a full window clipping, for example, you simply click on the window and PixAM instantly takes the shot and the PixAM editor immediately opens.

annotate screenshots

Unfortunately, this feature does not allow you to use the Esc key to cancel a screenshot before it’s taken. In the PixAM editor, you can annotate your shots using a free-form pen or a straight line, circle, pointing, and text tool. There’s also a blur tool, which is not available in Jing. In addition, notice in the above screenshot, that the font size button allows access to Mac’s font library.


You can save screenshots to your desktop, and/or you can have PixAM automatically upload it to its server, where the screen capture will be assigned a URL and opened in your default web browser. The process is pretty instant.

annotate screenshots

Share Screenshots Online

Your PixAM-taken shots also get uploaded to your account where you can delete them individually or open them for additional use.

archive screenshot


When you click on the logo, you will get options for uploading pictures via the web client. You can simply drop an image on the “Upload a File” button instead going through the typical Finder process.

If you click the “Bullet proof” box, your shots or images won’t get displayed on your public account. You simply send the link to whomever you want to have access to the posted screenshot or image.

archive screenshot

The web client also provides a way to share the original, large, or thumbnail size shot.



In addition, you can create a gallery for uploading numerous images at a time – not just limited to screenshots. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to how many shots you can upload to your account.

You also get access to other PixAM members’ gallerias, thus making PixAM another photo sharing site as well. Your individual screen captures are not automatically put into your gallery. The gallery seems to be more for your uploaded images and videos.

share screenshots

What’s Missing

While PixAM is a little faster than Jing, it doesn’t quite have the same level controls. After add markings to a screenshot, there doesn’t seem to be a hand tool to move individual annotations around. You can undo annotations, but not with the typical Command+Z shortcut.  It would be great if shots and images could be shared directly to your Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social networking sites.

Let us know what you think of PixAM. Is it a useful alternative to your existing screen capturing application(s)? If you’re looking for other screen capturing options for Mac users, check out this article 5 Alternative Screen Capture Tools for Your Mac Read More .

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