How To Set Up A WRE54G Range Extender On A Home Network

Karl L. Gechlik 22-01-2010

wre54g setupFor those of you who do not know a Range Extender is, it’s a device that lives on your wireless or wired network to expand its wireless reach. It can also be referred to as a Repeater.


So let’s take my case for instance. I have a neighbor that rarely uses the Internet and as a favor to them, I extended my home network Everything You Need to Know About Home Networking Setting up a home network is not as hard as you think it is. Read More into his home to allow him to use my wireless signal. Without the extender at the edge of my doorway I was not able to make the signal more powerful. He would see the network with one or no bars.

After installing the WRE54G he gets a full strength signal. Sure I could have moved my router so I would not have needed an extender but then my network would have been centered around my router being in my foyer and who wants that?

So like I said, I added a range extender FTW! Setting it up is not as easy as it should be so I will now walk you through how to set up a WRE54G. If you do not have security enabled on your wireless network 7 Simple Tips to Secure Your Router and Wi-Fi Network in Minutes Is someone sniffing and eavesdropping on your Wi-Fi traffic, stealing your passwords and credit card numbers? Would you even know if somebody was? Probably not, so secure your wireless network with these 7 simple steps. Read More and you only have one access point available then the auto-configure button will work. If not let’s check out the manual process.

how to set up a WRE54G

First of course you need a WRE54G. If it is not new and we do not know the settings and passwords we will need to start by restoring it to its factory defaults.


To do this we will grab a paper clip or something similar to stick into the reset button. This button is located in a small hole on the left side of the Extender. You will need to push in and hold the button until you see the link light turn a solid red. If the link light starts to flash and/or turns blue then you held it too long – you will need to repeat the reset process until you get a steady red light for the Link LED.

Alright, now we have a new extender ready to be put to use.  Out of the box this device is set to use as an IP address. The easiest thing to do is to change your IP address (unless it is in the – range) to be with a subnet mask of Then connect an ethernet cable How To Make Your Own Ethernet Cables Read More directly from your computer to the device.

We will next need to configure your current router to use WDS Bridging. This is what will allow the extender to extend the network. Different routers have different locations and terminology, on my router it is called Bridging. I needed to enter the MAC address of the extender which appears on a bar code under the device. Some devices will also require you to check a box to enable WDS. An example is shown below:

how to set up a WRE54G


Next up we will need to connect to the device using WiFi. Scan the network and you should see a linksys followed by the last 8 characters of the MAC address – it will look something like this. Obviously your MAC address will vary:

how to set up a WRE54G

Alrighty! Now we are almost there. After successfully connecting to the device (you might have security warnings as security is not in place yet) open up your browser and point it to – you will see a login box. The default user needs to be left blank. The default password is: admin. Once you are logged in you will see the console that looks like this:

wre54g setup


You can see the arrows pointing to where you can change your IP address of the device to be on your network.  Also the SSID to match the SSID to your wireless network to allow for seamless passing back and forth. Or if you want it as a separate network, change the name to something else. Don’t leave the default SSID.

You can also enable security and modify other settings in here. Once you are done save your settings. Change your local IP address back to what it was if you changed it and plug back into your network.

You have successfully extended your network! This shouldn’t be as hard as it was! Check out this post from Ryan Dube, called Free WiFi Software Downloads to Get Most of Wireless Networks 4 Free WiFi Software Downloads to Get Most of Wireless Networks Read More to get the most out of your network!

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.


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  1. Julen
    February 21, 2010 at 6:56 am

    Where can I get this wifi range extender? (I live in Spain) How much do they cost?

    • Peter
      April 11, 2010 at 5:51 am

      I bought one in March from Worten (used to be Boulanger)for 89.99€

  2. James
    February 15, 2010 at 4:42 am

    "Change your local IP address back to what it was if you changed it and plug back into your network."

    Does this mean I change the IP address on the extender back to what the router IP address is? I did not follow this point. Thanks.

  3. John
    January 23, 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Or, your neighbor can go get a metal bowl at the dollar store, drill a small hole the size of a USB extension cable in the center, use something as an insulator, get a $20 USB wireless stick, point it at your house, and probably get a really good signal. I have even done it with tin pie pan.

    Also, my router is in one end of the house, so I took a piece of cardboard and covered it with tin foil and put it behind the wireless router (blocking the antenna's view of the near end of the house.) My wireless signal now reaches full strength to the very back of my house...where before it only showed a weak signal.

  4. adam
    January 22, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    it worked for me, but what i really wanted was to be able to use the port on the front of my WRE54G for my newly obtained Xbox that possible?

  5. AriesWarlock
    January 22, 2010 at 9:11 am

    I am thinking of using a ethernet powerline for my house. I watched this and was convinced it was the better option since I can't use wired

    I wonder, can't two routers work the same as those ethernet boxes? Maybe with some custom firmware or something?