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How to Set Repeating Alarms on the Amazon Echo the Easy Way

Nancy Messieh 31-03-2016

Setting alarms using the Amazon Echo couldn’t be easier. Just tell Alexa what time you want your alarm to go off, and it will be confirmed. If you want that alarm to automatically ring at the same time every day, thanks to a recent update, all it takes is one small extra command.


Setting the Alarm

To set the alarm, use the following phrasing, “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 am.” To make it a recurring alarm, just add one of the following “every day,” “every weekday,” or “every weekend.”

There is no way set recurring alarms for alternating days, or for a string of random days. Trying to set an alarm for Monday and Tuesday, for example, will result in only one of them being set. If you want recurring alarms on a certain number of week days, you’ll have to set each one individually.


Changing or Cancelling the Alarm

You can edit or cancel the alarms through the mobile and web apps. If you’d prefer, you can also use voice commands. Just say use the phrase, “Alexa cancel alarm.” If you have multiple alarms, you can tell Alexa which alarm you want to cancel. (In this case, “Alexa cancel 7 am alarm.”)

If you can’t remember what alarms you have set, just tell Alexa to cancel the alarm, and she will ask you which alarm you want to cancel, and will list the existing alarms.


Oddly with the Amazon Echo, cancelling an alarm does not delete if from the app. If you want to completely delete the alarm, you have to do it manually. Asking Alexa to delete a cancelled alarm doesn’t work.

What tips and tricks do you use with your Amazon Echo? Let us know in the comments. 

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