How to Set Up a PS4 Controller for Windows Games
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While each console comes with its own controller, the dominant form of input for PC games is definitely the keyboard and mouse. Some games, like first-person shooters, match this control scheme perfectly. However, platformer, adventure, and similar genres are awkward on a keyboard.

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Thankfully, you can connect many types of controllers to your PC for these games. We’ve reviewed the Steam Controller, but you can also re-purpose any PlayStation or Xbox controllers you have sitting around.

When the PS4 was new, you had to jump through some hoops to get the controller working with your computer. Now, it’s way easier: here’s how to set it up.

First, download the tool DS4Windows. Unzip the utility and place it anywhere you like, then launch DS4Windows. You’ll be greeted with the program’s main window. Here, you’ll need to connect your PS4 controller using a MicroUSB cable, or via Bluetooth if your PC supports it.

You should see your controller under the Controllers tab. Wait a few seconds for the software to install the driver, then it’s ready to use. Click New on Profiles tab (or Edit to change the default) and you’ll be able to change anything you like about the controller’s behavior.

Most games that support controllers use Xbox button assignments, so by default, everything matches the standard Xbox controls. Circle on PS4 is B on Xbox, and so on. Under the Auto Profiles tab, you can assign a profile to automatically apply when you launch a certain game.


Before you start playing, you should navigate to the Settings tab and check the box for Hide DS4 Controller. Some games try to auto-detect the PS4 controller, which can lead to double inputs when using DS4Windows. Checking this box prevents this issue.

There’s a lot more that this tool can do, including custom light colors and using the touchpad to control your mouse. Play around for a bit and tweak every setting to your liking! When you’re done using your PS4 controller, click the Stop button in the bottom-right of the window to disconnect it.

Have you used a PS4 controller with your PC? Let us know what games you play using a DualShock 4 in the comments!

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