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SendItz: An App That Lets You Share Files Between Android and iOS Devices

MOin 11-03-2013

Are you looking for a convenient way to share a large file 4 Easy Tools for Sharing Large Files Over the Internet Read More on your phone with a friend of yours? If yes, then ‘SendItz’ is where your search successfully ends.


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SendItz is a web service that helps smart device owners share large files with one another. This service provides its phone application for Android and iOS devices. The Android application is sized at 2.4 MB and requires version 2.1 or later of Android; the iOS version of the app is sized at 4.8 MB and it requires iOS 4.2 or later. Using the application, smartphone owners are able to upload any file from their device onto the servers of SendItz.

You can choose recipients for the file from your phonebook. In case the recipient has the application installed on his device, the file download can commence and silently continue in the background. The application automatically recovers from breaks in the Internet connection. In case the file’s recipient does not have the application installed they are texted the download URL of the file.


The application allows each uploaded file to be as large as 2 GB and allows your total storage to be as much as 1 TB.



Check out the home page of SendItz @

Check out its iOS app @ [No Longer Available] & its Android app @ [No Longer Available]

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  1. Ron
    June 11, 2017 at 3:42 pm

    App wouldn't work when entering address of a soccer field 1407 Putnam Pike .
    Could not find address. Had to use my old Garmin GPS which also couldn't find address bit gave me the option to choose 1406 Putnam Pike. Seems Waze should have been able to do something similar.