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Send Voice Messages to Your SmartPhone Contacts With TalkBox [iOS & Android]

Bakari Chavanu 31-08-2011

talkbox voice messageMost of us who use smartphones eventually start to like using text messaging. Once you get the hang of it and realize that you can reduce a potential thirty-minute chitchat to a mere sentence or two, then you begin to appreciate text messaging as an alternative to phone calling. But there are times when you want to send a message but not write it. That’s where TalkBox comes in.  It allows you to send voice messages using your iPhone or Android.


TalkBox is similar to how you leave a voicemail message on someone’s phone. Like text messages, voice messages are short and to the point. While there are no limits to the length of TalkBox voice messages, this iPhone and Android app allows you to quickly tap a contact’s name and send a quick message. The caveat to using TalkBox however is that your contact must also be using the app. You can however also send messages to your contacts via Facebook or Twitter. This type of voice messaging might be useful for when you can’t type a message – for instance while you’re driving, holding a baby, or need to send complicated information, like street directions.

Setting Up TalkBox

TalkBox will probably be most useful for sending messages to people you communicate with on a regular basis. After you set up your TalkBox account, TalkBox uses your phone’s Address Book, Facebook account – or both – to link to your contacts. Anyone on your contact list who already has a TalkBox account will automatically be added to your TalkBox friends list.

talkbox voice message

You can also send direct TalkBox invitations via email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter. This method is useful for getting others to download the app and sign up as a user.

talkbox voice messenger


All your contacts are stored in a cloud which means you can manage and connect with your TalkBox contacts from either device you’re using the app with. You can also set up your contacts for group messaging and chats.

Sending Messages

With TalkBox, there’s no typing letters. You simply tap on a contact and then press the “Hold to Talk” record button then speak your message. Your message will be automatically sent after you release the record button.

talkbox voice messenger

The voice messages are represented by talk bubble icons. There doesn’t seem to be a way to preview a voice message after you lift your finger from the Hold to Talk button. But you can press your finger upwards as you’re talking to cancel a recording. You can also select to tag your messages with a geo location. Photos can also be sent using TalkBox, but they must sent as a separate message, not as an attachment to a message.


talkbox voice messenger

In addition, messages can be sent and published to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. A link to the audio file of your message is added to your post for your contacts to download and listen to.

talkbox app

Listening To Messages

You simply tap a message bubble icon to listen to or replay a message. Messages are labeled by length of time, and are categorized by date received.


If a message is pretty long, you can drag your finger across a bubble to fast forward it. To cancel an individual message, press and hold on the sender’s icon for that message, select the message, and tap the Delete button.

talkbox voice message

You can allow TalkBox to send you push notifications to alert you about new messages. Like Apple’s traditional text messaging app, a history of your voice messages are saved for reviewing.

Granted, TalkBox may not appear as intuitive to use as traditional text messaging, but spending a little time with the provided tutorials and tips for using the app, you’ll find that it’s not as complicated as it may first appear.


TalkBox is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Android devices. BlackBerry and Symbian versions are in the works.

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