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You Can Now Send Voice Messages on Instagram

Dave Parrack 11-12-2018

Instagram now lets you send voice messages to other users. Given that voice messaging is a thing on virtually every other app of Instagram’s size and stature, this has been a long time coming. However, it also moves Instagram further away from its origins.


How to Send a Voice Message on Instagram

To send a voice message on Instagram, just open an existing conversation or start a new conversation. Then, press and hold the microphone icon, and record your message. When you’ve finished recording, your voice message will appear in the chat as a waveform.

Voice messages can be up to one minute long, and you can send them in both private conversations and group chats. You’ll have to be very sure the message is appropriate for everyone in a group before sending it though, or you may regret recording it.

Be warned that a voice message will be sent automatically when you release the microphone button. So, if you change your mind while recording it, or aren’t entirely happy with what you’ve said, be sure to slide your finger to the trash can instead.

This feature could be useful for people who prefer to message rather than speak live, who don’t have their hands free to type, or who don’t have time to get into a full-blown conversation. But it will probably be mostly used for fun and frivolous reasons.


Every App Now Does the Exact Same Thing

It has taken Instagram a long time to add voice messaging. Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, added voice messaging to Messenger several years ago. But then unlike Messenger, WhatsApp, et al, Instagram was never intended to be about messaging.

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