Send Your Notes to Google Docs From Firefox Using the QuickFox Add-on & A Simple Script

Saikat Basu 21-06-2011

send to google docsIf you like working from anywhere, then Google Docs is one of the great sink holes you can pour everything into. Google Docs allows us to create and share in the cloud from any location, while keeping our document needs covered. The ‘software as a service’ has really taken off and we are richer for it. You can upload, store, archive, tag, and organize your documents. If you use it efficiently, 1GB of free storage also is adequate for most needs.


The here-there-and-everywhere nature of Google Docs gives me an opportunity to use it as a brain dump for my impromptu notes. Most of us live in the browser; and if it’s Firefox then QuickFox is a must-install extension for those who ever loved Opera’s own Notes feature and do a lot of note-taking while browsing.

I wrote glowingly about it previously and since then I have never taken it off my must-have extensions list. But QuickFox is browser based and in case you want to access it from any other computer, it presents a problem.

Not much because you can synchronize your notes using an online XMarks account and access it from anywhere. QuickFox also seamlessly works with the SimpleNote app. There is a third way and it involves the interplay of QuickFox, Google Docs, and a very useful script. Please note that sending notes to Google Docs via QuickFox is not a sync but merely a save as the script does not enable synchronization between the two.

Send Notes to Google Docs With QuickFox

You can send all your notes saved on QuickFox to Google Docs by introducing a small script into the QuickFox add-on folder. The script extends the default feature set of QuickFox and enabling its integration with Google Docs. Download the Google Docs script from here (right-click on the script page, and save it as a .js file).

send to google docs


Then proceed to install it in the following directory:

For Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\68u8hfy4.default\qfn-scripts

For Windows Vista and 7:


Restart the browser for the change to take effect.


After restarting the browser, open a QuickFox Note. You will notice that a new icon for syncing with Google Docs has appeared alongside the other buttons. See the screenshot below.

send to google docs firefox

Compose a note and click on the button. A new window opens up and asks for your Google account username and password. The note gets saved to Google Docs as a text document with the same name as the QuickFox note. A small notification below says that the note has been clipped successfully.

send to google docs


Instead of using the bookmarking utility like XMarks, this tip proves really useful for picking up snippets from the web while browsing and saving or archiving them on Google Docs for later read. Of course, we can go into Google Docs and then share, organize, or collaborate on this note. I for example, create a bunch of notes and then organize them into collections. Later, I have Google Doc’s facility to download the saved notes as a PDF file.

Give us your opinion on this quick tip that allows you to save your browser notes to Google Docs.

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