SellMyApplication: A Marketplace To Showcase & Sell Your Apps

MOin 17-03-2011

A number of online resources help developers sell their applications and their code. But most of these sites reserve a percentage of the sale for themselves. Sell My Application is one that doesn’t do that.


sell your apps

Sell My Application is a simple website that lets developers sell their applications to buyers without paying anything to the website itself. Application types include smartphone apps, Facebook apps, and developer apps. Developers start by creating an account on the site and then a page for their application. This page gets a public URL and should include all the relevant details of the application. When a buyer sees the page, they can contact the developer directly through Sell My Application. The site facilitates correspondence between developer and buyer without revealing the email addresses. A developer can come to a purchase agreement with the buyer on their own terms and decide how the transaction should take place.


  • A user-friendly website.
  • Showcases various applications.
  • Helps developers advertise and sell their apps.
  • Helps buyers quickly locate apps.
  • Does not charge anything for selling applications.
  • Similar tools: AppSplit, Binpress and SnippShot.
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