Self-Destructing Cookies: Remove Firefox Cookies That Are No Longer In Use

MOin 24-01-2013

People use the Internet to browse various websites. Many of these websites store cookies in your browser that are usually there for purposes such as faster loading next time or simply to remember your log in information. But sometimes these cookies serve as trackers that monitor your browsing activities or get your information such as your location. Needless to say, these cookies are potentially harmful and need to be got rid of from your browser.


There are various tools that can be used for the purpose of removing cookies. But these tools do not differentiate between the cookies that are being used and the ones that are not being used. Deleting cookies that you are using right now might log you out from your favorite websites thereby disrupting your browsing experience.

Here to offer a more intelligent method of removing browser cookies to Mozilla Firefox users is a little tool called Self-Destructing Cookies.

remove firefox cookies

Self-Destructing Cookies is a nifty tool for Firefox that helps Internet users get rid of inactive browser cookies. After you install the add-on, it automatically monitors the cookies you have installed. It then keeps an eye for cookies not being used for a specific time duration that can be set in the add-on’s options – the default value is 10 seconds. Notifications for removed cookies are shown in the right pane of your screen.

self destructing cookies


This way you do not have to manually keep the cookies in check as the ones you do not use actively are automatically removed for you.


Check out Self-Destructing Cookies @ [No Longer Available]

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