See Who Last Logged Into Windows on the Login Screen
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Unless your PC is only used by you, you might sometimes wonder if anyone is accessing your computer behind your back.

We’ve shown you how to check if someone has been using your Windows computer if you suspect something, but there’s a way to guarantee you won’t miss any foul play, and it’s an old built-in Windows trick that requires a trip to the registry.

Remember that editing the registry can be harmful if you don’t know what you’re doing, so be sure to follow along carefully.

Open the Registry Editor by opening the Start Menu and typing regedit, then browse down to the follow directory:


Right-click and choose to create a New value of type DWORD. Name this DisplayLastLogonInfo and change its value to 1. If you already see this value, change it from 0 to 1 to enable this feature.

Now, just log out of Windows and log back in, and the system will start giving you more info every time you log on. It shows the last time you signed into your account, as well as any failed attempts to gain access to your machine.

If you walk away from your computer and someone tries to guess your password several times, now you’ll now about it!

This could be useful at work where your computer is in close contact with a lot of people, but you might have other uses for it, too.

Want similar info on your phone? Check out apps that let you take pictures of people trying to unlock your phone.

What situations do you think this feature would be useful in? Let us know if you’re going to enable this feature by leaving a comment below!

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