See What the People Around You Are Uploading to YouTube

Dave LeClair 07-03-2016

Have you ever wanted to search YouTube to find videos Bing Video Search Adds Streamlined Navigation & Hi-Res Video Previews The Bing video search experience gets better this week, with a redesigned interface that brings in high-resolution video previews, more sources, and filters. The changes hopefully will lead to not only a better video searching... Read More uploaded in a certain area? Google’s video service doesn’t offer the ability to search by location, but some intrepid developers have figured out a way!

All you need to do is head to and search for a location How to Use GPS Location to Make Your House Welcome You Home Setting up your GPS technologies to welcome you home is a great way to save time on lots of things, from turning on the air conditioning to starting dinner. Read More . The drop down next to the search bar will allow you to choose a time frame for when the video was uploaded, so if you only want to see videos that were uploaded recently, that’s an option.


You can click Advanced Search to look for specific types of videos uploaded in an area. You can narrow down the types of results, how far away you want to search, and even on what channel you want to search.

Thankfully, the web-based search doesn’t look at your location, so you aren’t limited to just searching around you. If you wanted to see videos that were uploaded in city somewhere else in the world, you could most certainly do that.

What kind of videos are being uploaded in your area?

Image Credit: zimmytws via ShutterStock

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