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12 Instagram Accounts to See Amazing Places Around the World

Anya Zhukova 16-02-2017

Today the photo industry is so popular, photographers have to go out of their way to make sure their pictures feature the most compelling and breathtaking events and scenery. Sometimes that means traveling to some of the most remote and undiscovered places.


Instagram can take you to those places (and around the world) faster than any vehicle, and for free! You just need to pick the right accounts to follow.

Who Do I Follow?

MakeUseOf previously published a list of the most popular Instagram accounts to follow Travel The World With These 10 Instagram Accounts If you can't actually get out and about yourself, there's no better way to travel the world than through photography. And while Instagram might be often (and unfairly) better known for food photos, or even... Read More  for the most stunning travel pictures. This time we’ve decided to dig deeper and discover Instagram travel photographers that might be somewhat less popular, but definitely not lower quality. Here’s our list of 12 Instagram accounts, perfect for travel inspiration (or daydreaming).

1. Passion Passport


Our list opens with an account that will provide you with all the travel inspiration you need and more! Passionpassport is aided by a community of travelers and creatives from all over the world. Weekly chats on Twitter and quizzes on Instagram also add the community feel to this account.


2. The Planet D


The Planet D is curated by two travel enthusiasts, bloggers, and photographers: Dave & Deb. The couple has visited 105 countries, seven continents already. With this account in your feed, it’s easy to believe that “adventure is for everyone”, and that all you need to start traveling is the desire to do so!

3. Minimal People



Do you enjoy symmetry and the simplicity of minimalism How 3 Popular Minimalism Projects Inspire You To Do More With Less Frustrated with the demands and dictates of our consumerist culture, many people have opted out of it. They have embraced simpler lifestyles, even minimalist ones, to rediscover what makes them happy. Find your inspiration. Read More ? Does the complexity of the architecture around make you feel overwhelmed at times? Minimal People will help you break free and enjoy the clean designs of modern buildings from all over the world, as well as remind you just how big the outside world really is.

4–5. Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen

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Meet two more bloggers and full-time travelers: Jack and Lauren. This couple will show you all there is to a life in a tropical paradise. Follow their Instagram accounts to fall in love with the exotic foods, rooftop views, waterfalls, the sea and jungle beauty. Also featured: numerous coconuts, hammocks, and palm trees. Just don’t get too jealous!

6. AirBnB


When it comes to travel photography, it’s often more interesting to follow the pages that belong to personalities, like travel bloggers, photographers, or videographers, over those that belong to brands. On the other hand, what can be more personal than a peek into someone else’s home? Every picture on AirBnb 5 Big Benefits of Booking an AirBnB Room over a Hotel AirBnB has enhanced the guest experience, and mainstream hotels are starting to feel the heat. Here's what AirBnB is doing different, and how it'll improve your traveling experience. Read More ‘s Instagram page has its own character and story behind it.


7. Travel Noire


Travel Noire is another community-based account with pictures from over a 100 travelers and travel photographers. From Egyptian deserts to the islands of Italy — you can find stunning photos from every must-visit destination here. Travel Noire can both inspire you to travel and help you see the world from the comfort of your own room.

8. Jacintha Verdegaal


Our list wouldn’t be complete without an Instagram account that features one of the main reasons why people travel: international food. Or, to be more accurate, food from all over the world. Jacintha Verdegaal is a Dutch photographer and a travel blogger, on the constant lookout for a new destination and an exciting dish to try. Follow her adventures and see what delicious meal she will treat herself to next.

9. Michael Christopher Brown


You won’t find peaceful beaches, luxury hotels, or pictures from mainstream travel destinations on Michael Christopher Brown’s Instagram account. This travel photographer goes to places that aren’t popular with backpackers and gap year students. Follow his feed for a chance to travel to the Middle East and remote Africa, and get a grasp of what it’s like to be at the center of political action through his raw photography.

10. Foster Hunting


If you’re dreaming of escaping the city life and reuniting with nature, follow Foster Hunting and his #vanlife How to Find the Best Instagram Hashtags for More Likes & Followers Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram. If you need help getting started, here's how to find the best Instagram hashtags. Read More . This guy quit his job in New York, bought a VW Vanagon and changed his life motto to “Home Is Where You Park It”. You’ll get more out of following this guy if you’re into camping, living on the road, tree houses, and nature outings.

11. Benjamin Hardman


Benjamin Hardman, the photographer from Reykjavík, presents you Iceland like you’ve never seen before. One of the most photographed destinations on Instagram, it appears on Benjamin’s feed as a mystical and moody island. With this account in your feed, you’ll feel like you’re always on the road, looking for a new fantasy scenery, a new magical scene to unfold.

12. Mitsuru Wakabayashi


For some busier street photography and urban vibes follow Mitsuru, a photographer based in Kyoto, Japan. This photographer regularly posts stunning shots of different Japanese cities, as well as travel photos taken in various places in the world.

Is That All?

As of December 2016, the number of active Instagram users reached 600 million. With the network constantly growing, there are simply too many of those worth following 11 Funny Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now If you're looking for a good laugh, from awesome old ladies to crazy exes, here are the funniest Instagram accounts of 2019. Read More to mention. Here are a few more that will keep you inspired and motivated to see the world:

So, it’s time for you to tell us: does seeing pictures from abroad on Instagram motivate you to travel? What travel accounts do you follow? Have we left any of your favorites out? Share the names and links with us in the comments section below!

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