How to See Facebook’s Secret Tags on Any Photo
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If you’ve ever wondered just how Facebook’s automatic tagging of photos work, there’s now a browser extension that shows you exactly what kind of data the social network is extracting from your images.

Facebook adds tags to all images uploaded to the site. When Facebook announced this in April, it explained that it served the purpose of making the site more accessible to visually impaired members.

Available for Chrome [No Longer Available] and FirefoxShow Facebook Computer Vision Tags is an extension that gives Facebook users insight into Facebook’s deep learning process, offering a way to understand the extent to which Facebook is actually extracting information from your uploads.

How It Works

After you’ve installed the extension, navigate to your Facebook feed. Anywhere an image has been uploaded directly to the site, you should be able to see a list of the tags Facebook has automatically assigned to it.


The information included can be anything from whether there are people in the photo, if they’re smiling, identifying objects, and more.

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