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5 New Ways to Search YouTube and Find Trending and Awesome Videos

Mihir Patkar 25-12-2018

Given the amount of great content on YouTube, you’d think it would be easier to find a video you want to watch. If you are frustrated with YouTube’s limited search functions or weird video suggestions, here’s how you can search for videos or find amazing things to watch.

In the recent past, YouTube has become better with some new features. But discovering new videos to watch is still difficult, especially since YouTube’s suggestions aren’t always great.

However, with the right third-party sites and apps, this is easy to fix.

Trinding (Web): Find New and Undiscovered Videos

There are so many videos on YouTube that some amazing footage is probably being ignored right now. Trinding is a community of YouTube enthusiasts looking to fix that by giving more exposure to such awesomeness.

Based on a subreddit about undiscovered videos, Trinding shares videos that have less than 50,000 views. The videos are sorted by mood or genre, and you can further check trending, new, and hall-of-fame videos.

The community has over 40,000 users, which leads to a whole bunch of great submissions of hitherto undiscovered gems. You might be the among the first few to watch something that goes viral later. How cool is that?

Popular 50 (Web): Real-Time Trending Videos by Country

Popular 50 has real-time trending YouTube videos by country

For some reason, YouTube makes you have to jump through hoops to find trending videos. It’ll give you recommendations and suggestions based on what you’ve already seen. Even when you find something trending, the next auto-playing video will be what YouTube thinks you should see, not the next most popular clip.

Popular 50 breaks this relentless cycle with a simple list of the 50 most popular videos on YouTube at any moment. Hot Trends, Popular Trends, and Rising Trends divide the videos. The list is further classified by country, as well as categories (autos and vehicles, comedy, entertainment, film and animation, gaming, how to and style, music, pets and animals, science and technology, and sports).

Spend a few minutes on Popular 50 and you’ll end up thinking that this is how YouTube should look and behave.

Tele.Rocks (Web): Turn YouTube Into Safe-Viewing Channels

TV is ideal for kids or to put it on in the background. On TV, you never have to think about what to watch next. Channels are set up, and the program will be playing. And most of the content is safe for viewing by anyone. Tele.Rocks brings a similar experience to the internet with YouTube videos.

There are six “channels” on Tele.Rocks:

  • Do It Yourself: For DIY videos and life hacks.
  • Black and White: For funny old black-and-white movies like Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin.
  • Music: For the latest pop songs from music charts.
  • Nature: For beautiful scenery and nature documentaries.
  • Chill Out: For calming and relaxing songs.
  • Kids: For children-friendly cartoons.

Pick a channel and it starts playing. You don’t have to interact any further. Plus, the channel works like a TV channel, in that everyone in the world is watching the same thing at the same time.

Tele.Rocks is ideal for anyone who wants safe videos from YouTube playing endlessly, without worrying about what will start next.

Utters (Web): Find Videos of Any Person Saying a Word or a Phrase

Utters searches YouTube to Find Videos of Any Person Saying a Word or a Phrase

How many videos do you think there are of President Trump saying “huge” on YouTube? Find out with Utters, a cool app that searches for words or phrases said by a certain person.

It’s quite easy to use. Type in the name of the person, followed by the word or the phrase. It’s not a fool-proof app, and you are likely to get some bad results if you have misspelled the name or the phrase.

The charm is in the search results, which skip directly to an endless stream of all the videos that match your query. The video will also automatically skip to the part that you searched for. You can go back and forward between the videos, or open a clip in a new tab to watch the full video.

It’s nice to see search results playing as videos of the relevant part, rather than a list of different videos that can be hit or miss. Utters won’t always be useful as a search tool, but it is great for discovering videos you would not have come across otherwise.

Old YouTube (Web): Search Videos From Oldest to Newest

Despite being owned by search giant Google, there are weird restrictions on how you can search on YouTube. One of those is that it won’t let you list search results from oldest to newest.

Old YouTube is a simple web app that gives you chronological control over YouTube search. When you perform a search, by default, it will show results from the oldest video matching your keywords.

You can add a starting year for the search results, or just go all the way back to the beginning of YouTube in 2005. It loads about five results at a time.

Or Just Watch YouTube’s Most Popular 15

One of these websites will definitely give you something awesome and new (or old) to watch. But these are better for people who have been on YouTube for a long time and seen the classics.

In case you are new to YouTube and haven’t seen the best of the best, here are the 15 most watched videos on YouTube The 15 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Ever The most viewed YouTube video has over five billion views. Which of these most liked and watched YouTube videos have you seen? Read More , and why they are so popular.

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