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How to Search for Text in Any Mobile Browser

Saikat Basu 31-05-2017

While text search on a web page is easy on desktop, it’s a bit more “invisible” on mobile.


On desktop, you just need to hit Ctrl + F or go to the menu and click on Find, then type in your keyword in the box. But mobile operating systems differ in two key ways from their desktop counterparts: lack of interface space and lack of a keyboard.

This forces them to burrow a few features out of sight. The Find feature (or in this case, Search on this page feature) is one of those that are tucked away.

Chrome (Android and iOS)

The method is the same for both Android and iOS mobile devices. Open any web page. Click the More Options icon (the three vertical dots on the top right). Select Find in Page option in the menu.

How to Search for Text in Any Mobile Browser Chrome

Type in your search words in the field which opens at the top along with the keyboard. The browser highlights each find on the page where the keywords appear. Tap the arrow icon in the search box to jump to each highlighted word.


Safari (iOS Only)

In Safari, you have to head below rather than to the top.

Open any web page. Tap the Share (the square with an arrow pointing up) icon at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the series of the icons which appear. You will see a magnifying glass icon which represents the Find on Page feature.

How to Search for Text in Any Mobile Browser Safari

Select the icon and enter your search keywords which appear in the box. The Safari browser takes you to the first instance of the word on the page. Use the arrows next to the search bar to reach each occurrence of the word on the page.

It’s Pretty Much the Same in Other Browsers

You’d be surprised how many don’t know about this simple browser tip 10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With iOS Safari Even if you're already familiar with Safari's basic features, there are bound to be things you haven't yet realised the iOS browser can do. Read More . I think many people do not use the Find box because scrolling through a web page is faster on a small mobile screen, but try searching through a longform article on that very screen and you’ll start to appreciate this feature much more.

Do you use the text search on a webpage on a mobile screen? Or do you find swiping up and down far quicker?

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