Scratchpad Editor: Use An External Text Editor With Scratchpad In Firefox

MOin 17-08-2012

Mozilla Firefox offers a bunch of helpful tools for site developers. The best example of this is the built-in code runner labeled Scratchpad. Scratchpad lets you quickly type in a code and execute it. But after typing code into the Scratchpad you might want to use your favorite text editor to modify the code. Here to help you do that is a tool called Scratchpad Editor.


scratchpad text editor

Scratchpad Editor is a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox. This add-on lets you port your Scratchpad code to any text editor that you have got installed on your computer. Simply install the add-on, open a code in Scratchpad, click on Edit, and then click on the External Edit option to select your text editor. Alternatively you can use the hotkey shortcut of CTRL+E.


Check out Scratchpad Editor @ [No Longer Available]

Image Source: Everaldo Coelho

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