ScrapShield From CloudFlare: Protect Website Content From Thieves

Umar 10-04-2012

Site owners who post original content on their sites prefer for the content to remain where it is rather than be copied and shared on other sites. There are numerous tools available for webmasters that helps protect the content on a site through various means. One of the more competent of these tools is ScrapShield.


protect website content from thieves

ScrapShield is a free app from a service called CloudFlare, which is a site optimization service that provides numerous helpful tools for webmasters. With ScrapShield you are offered a range of options to protect your content with. For example you can track where your content appears on the Internet, you can prevent your images from being pinned, you can ‘code’ the email addresses that appear on your site to confuse bots, you can protect hotlinks, and you can join the site’s community to profile scrapers.

Watermarking is a feature that will soon be added to the service.


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