Scout Out These 4 Sites for Tips on Writing Your Own Screenplay

Joshua Lockhart 30-05-2012

how to write a screenplayHave you ever wanted to make your very own movie? Have you tried your hand at writing a script with something like Celtx Celtx - The Ultimate Screenwriting Software [Cross-Platform] Read More ? Then, as expected, you probably want to further your screenplay-writing education. However, maybe there are some of you who aren’t even sure where to start.


Fortunately, MakeUseOf has found four sites that will aid you with your screenplay writing adventures, and each one caters to the writer in their own unique way. Granted, they can’t help you create your vision (only you can do that), but they will provide you with the tools you need to move forward. So tell the projectionist in your head to fire up the mental reel and let’s get started.


how to write a screenplay

As some of you may know, Reddit is my go-to guide when I want to learn something. Seriously, they have topics for everything. Fortunately, screenwriting is no exception, and you will be able to get all sorts of tips from r/Screenwriting.

Bear in mind that this subreddit is not a tutorial site, but based on article links, work critiques, and group discussions, you’ll never be short on screenwriting information. Get in there and become part of the community, and after spending some time (as with any subreddit), you’ll come out with quite a bit of screenwriting knowledge.

Screenwriting Tips (Tumblr)

write your own screenplay


This tip-based screenwriting Tumblr Using Social Networks to Find Amazing Products Retailers want in on the social media market. Pinterest, Wanelo, and Instagram all offer options for online shopping, but which one is best? And how do you use them effectively? We tell you how. Read More is likely one of the coolest and most user-friendly sites I found dedicated to the art of screenplays. Updated daily, the blog provides short and sweet tips that are powerful when completing your work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the site hasn’t got much love, but despite its lack of comments, it is full of information.

The Tumblr currently has nearly 1,000 tips, and each one is about one to three sentences each. Part of me wonders if the site would have been better suited as a Twitter account, but if it works, it works (though phone delivery would be nice). Design-wise, you won’t see much, but it’s truly the content that matters.


write your own screenplay

Let me be upfront about this – Scriptologist is an old site, and it hasn’t been updated in quite a while. However, based on my travels through the 90s-esque HTML 5 Ways to Customize Your Browser and Have Websites the Way YOU Want Them to Be You’re probably familiar with browser extensions, but there are many other ways to customize your browser and tweak websites. The web isn’t a one-way, passive medium – you have the ability to remix websites you... Read More wonderland, I found a great deal of usable content.


There are billions of articles (not really) solely about screenwriting, and although some of the content may seem a bit outdated (likely based on the web design alone), the information is valuable. If I were to write a screenplay, I’d spend some time here to just look around.

write your own screenplay may look like it hasn’t been updated in a while, but it has (its owner was even nice enough to provide discount The 7 Best Sites to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards Lumbered with unwanted gift cards you don't want? Here are the best sites where you can sell unwanted gift cards to other people. Read More codes for screenplay-writing software). Essentially, this site is an online book on screenwriting, and it could prove very useful.

The site is divided into twenty-two chapters, and each of them covers one facet of the screen-writing process. Spend some time on the site to read up on each one, and although I can’t guarantee you that it will turn you into a screenplay genius, it will help you with the writing process.


Bonus: IMSDb

how to write a screenplay

The Internet Movie Script Database has several movie and TV scripts readily available for you to read in-browser. I’m a big advocate of learning by example, so this site should do the trick. You’ll see a lot of old movies as well as some new ones, and even if you aren’t wanting to write a script, they make nice reading.

I shared this because I love you.


If you want even more information and tools for script writing, you should check out Saikat’s article right here 5 Online Resources For The Aspiring Scriptwriter Read More . However, the above set should provide you with some basic knowledge before you get started.


Have you ever written a screenplay? What are your favorite screenplays?

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