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Score The Big Goal In Flick Soccer – A Simple Touch & Swipe Sports Game For iOS

Dave LeClair 01-01-2013

flick soccer app reviewSports games are one of the least represented on iOS. It’s hard to make a full-featured sports game without the physical buttons that you get on a console, so developers generally have to come up with sports games that feature a simple section of the sport in question. Of course, there have been some exceptions, but besides a few, they are not great, and they tend to feel a little on the clunky side.


A great example of a sports game that pulls a section of the sport and makes it into a fun game that is made for the touch platform is Flick Soccer. It might not be the deepest game Infinity Blade II Is The Best Looking Mobile Game Ever Made [iOS] Infinity Blade II rivals Real Racing 2 in terms of pure graphical fidelity, and arguably, it surpasses Real Racing. Not only that, the game is a ton of fun to play. It truly is the... Read More I’ve ever played on iOS, but it offers simple, fun gameplay that anyone can pick up and play and have a good time with. It’s relatively challenging and really fun. As a bonus, it is available on the App Store [No Longer Available] for the low-cost of $0.


Flick Soccer, as the name implies, involves kicking a soccer Get Detailed Sports Scores And Stats With ESPN Scorecenter [Android & iOS] Whether you'd like to admit it or not, everyone has a favorite team in at least one sport. I follow multiple teams myself across different sports and always want to be able to follow their... Read More ball by flicking your finger across the screen. It’s a simple control mechanism that takes the key component of soccer, which is obviously kicking a ball, and builds an entire game around it. You simply swipe to kick the ball and swipe the screen again to change the direction of the ball in midair. The controls are simple, effective, and they work quite well.

flick soccer app review

There are quiet a few modes in this game that will keep you busy for the long haul. In all, there are a total of five modes, each of which tweak the simple idea of kicking a soccer ball at a goal. The modes are the following:

  • Quickshot: Score as many points as possible in a short amount of time
  • Endurance: Score as many points as you can with a limited amount of balls
  • Challenge: Score a goal in a series of specific defense-man layouts
  • Crossbar: Hit the crossbar multiple times in a row to build a score multiplier
  • Smash It!: Smash billboards covering the goal as fast as you can

flick soccer iphone


The gameplay consists of more than just scoring goals. There are moving targets in each of the modes that increase the required precision. You earn extra points, gain extra balls and more for hitting the targets that appear on the screen while playing.

Audio and Visuals

flick soccer iphone

This game does not have the kind of graphics you would expect from a simple free game. Instead it features high-resolution 3D visuals that look absolutely beautiful. The players are rendered with a high level of detail, as are the fields and goals. I expected a cheap looking art style when I first booted up the game, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with what I found in Flick Soccer.

flick soccer app review


The sound in the game is good. I must admit I don’t love the song that plays on the main menu, but that is more a matter of musical taste than an issue with the game. The crowd noise sounds great and enhances the excitement of hitting the target perfectly.


For a free game, the value here is fantastic. It takes a simple gameplay concept and makes a full-featured gaming experience. At the minimum, you are going to be able to get at least a couple of hours of good times from the game, and you cannot complain about that when you don’t have to spend any money.


All in all, Flick Soccer is an awesome free game. It takes a simple mechanic and turns it into something really cool. I will admit, I did not expect much going into playing Flick Soccer, but when it came to write the review, I didn’t want to stop playing, and that’s about the highest praise I can offer it.

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  1. Anonymous
    January 2, 2013 at 6:39 am

    Tried it. Fun if u have nothing to do.