Deciding which schools to enroll your children in can be a difficult decision. You want the best schools nearby that have a good record and whose students perform above average. Parents in England, at least, have a tool available that can help them in their decision: Schooloscope.

performance of schools

Schooloscope is a web service that rates schools based on various surveys and reviews from Ofsted reports and Achievement and Attainment tables from The Department of Education. Based on how well the students of a school do at their exams, the school’s icon’s roofs are colored red, amber, or green.

You can search for schools through their name or zip code. Schools can also be viewed on the map available on the site. Since the project is a work in progress, currently the only schools it covers are state schools in England.

performance of schools

In addition to student’s performance on exams, a number of other factors used to rate schools can be viewed for each indexed school.

Schooloscope: Check Performance of Schools (UK, England only) school o scope2

A comparison of two schools can also be carried out on the site.

Schooloscope: Check Performance of Schools (UK, England only) school o scope3

With its extensive and easy-to-understand data, the site serves as a wonderful tool for parents in England selecting a school for their children.


    • A user friendly website.
    • Does not require you to register for accounts.
    • Provides performance information for state schools in England.
    • Lets you compares two schools.
    • Helps you in selecting a school for your children.
    • Similar tools: GuideToOnlineSchool and StuVu.

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